Italy: Visiting All Five Cinque Terre Towns in One Day.


After getting a little taste of Cinque Terre by visiting Vernazza, we decided the next day would be dedicated to seeing the rest of the towns.  But first, some Italian breakfast, made by our wonderful B&B host.DSC_0368-001

We decided to start at the furthest town and then make our way closer to home, so that took us to Monterosso first.  (In case you don’t know, the towns are Monterosso al Mare,Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore).

Monterosso is known for being a beach town, so we were excited for some nice beach time!  We packed bathing suits, towels, and those sandwiches made with the chicken carcass and headed over! It was beauuuuutiful and the crystal clear water was breathtaking.  And hot.DSC_0372-001 DSC_0384-001

It was quite warm, but without an umbrella we thought we would take a quick swim and keep moving, right?  Wrong.  We tried to put our towels down and they said “beach privati!”, meaning, you want to be on the beach, you pay for the beach.  Ugh.  So we put our towels away and tucked our tails between our legs and walked away.DSC_0392-001 DSC_0406-001 DSC_0410-001

We did stop to have one of the sandwiches.DSC_0398-001

And then we continued along, only briefly stopping on the public beach for a bit.  But like I said, it was hooooooooot.DSC_0410-001 DSC_0412-001 DSC_0414-001

After Monterosso, we hopped on the train to Corniglia (skipping Vernazza).  We considered hiking there, but it’s unclear which trails are open and which are not, and whether you have to pay.  Not to mention, the city of Corniglia is actually at the top of the mountain, so there was some hiking involved.DSC_0436-001

Up, up, up a few hundred steps, and then you find another colorful little town.  In this one, we just walked around and took in the views.DSC_0431-001 DSC_0437-001 DSC_0457-001 DSC_0462-001 DSC_0466-001

From Corniglia, we hopped back on the train and were in Manarola less than 5 minutes later.  What a beautiful place!  I think this one was my favorite.


I finally found the place where people take those iconic Cinque Terre photos!DSC_0498-001 DSC_0504-001 DSC_0514-001

And we got to go swimming in this really pretty place…DSC_0527-001 DSC_0529-001 DSC_0538-001

And then sandwich time 😉DSC_0540-001

We sat there for a bit longer and then got dressed and attempted to hike the last part of the trail, Manarola to Riomaggiore.DSC_0556-001

Fail.  The trail was closed, which we found out about ten minutes into the walk.  At least the views were nice!  So we got back on the train and made our final stop in Riomaggiore.DSC_0567-001

We walked around the city, which at that point, was blending into all of the other ones…DSC_0575-001

And then went down to the water and sat there for a bit.  So pretty!DSC_0584-001 DSC_0589-001

We walked up some steps and watched as the sun set next to those awesome buildings…DSC_0595-001 DSC_0598-001 DSC_0605-001

It was a long, and hot day, but a really great day as well.  Visiting Cinque Terre is such a special experience, and if you ever have the opportunity, go!  For reference, my favorite town was Manarola (for the swimming and view of the town), as well as Vernazza, but they are all wonderful.

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