Italy: Portofino


After Cinque Terre, we were off to what ended up being the BEST city we visited- Portofino!DSC_0641-002

Portofino is absolutely beautiful, with it’s crystal clear water and bright colored buildings.  Everyone goes gaga for Cinque Terre, but I really thought this little place takes the cake.  In terms of things to do and see, no- there isn’t much.  But in terms of beauty and crystal blue water… ding, ding, ding, THIS IS THE WINNER.DSC_0744-001DSC_0725-001

But it’s also ritzy and PRICEY, so be prepared.  We only went for the day, which was perfect.  We got lucky and found street parking (!!!) which is unheard of, I think.DSC_0800-001

Look at the views as we were walking over to the beach.  Woweeeee

DSC_0620-001 DSC_0636-001

The railings we were standing in front of led down to rocks that lined the water where there were lots of people sunbathing and cliff-jumping.  It was beautiful, but I’m sure those rocks were super hot.  We parked ourselves on the public beach, since the private one cost a pretty penny (70 Euros for two people).  But hey, the public one was fine 😉

DSC_0655-001 DSC_0657-001 DSC_0659-001 DSC_0675-001 DSC_0648-001

Look at all that space … haha….DSC_0646-001

That dock is “reserved”.  haha…for who?  Since the public beach offers negative shade, we didn’t last for more than an hour before packing up and hiking to the actual Portofino port.DSC_0678-001

The walk was about 30 minutes and we felt like royalty the whole time, walking on that red carpet, which was surely  put out only for us.DSC_0687-001 DSC_0709-001 DSC_0714-001 DSC_0719-001 DSC_0721-001

After 30 minutes of hiking up and around the mountain, we were greeted by this sweet little town, full of boats and super expensive restaurants.  DSC_0738-001 DSC_0751-001 DSC_0756 DSC_0771-001 DSC_0772-001

My camera lens definitely had sunscreen on it, hence the blur in the photos.  Anywho, we did some walking and then ate more chicken carcass sandwiches while sitting by the water.DSC_0785-001

Side note, but related:   On that day, we had NINE sandwiches with us plus a salad.  I ate…maybe two? And Luis ate the rest.  My friends and I were joking that girls would pack maybe 1-2 sandwiches each, and boys want to pack 7+.  How??DSC_0787-001 DSC_0779-001

Last but not least, we had gelato…DSC_0788-001 DSC_0792-001

Haha.  And then we walked 30 minutes back to the Ferrari before driving to Genoa!DSC_0796-001

Portofino was, hands down, my favorite stop on the trip.  Thanks to Luis’ recommendation, we were able to see a beautiful place that I had never heard of.  It’s a must-see!!!  But bring an umbrella 😉

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