Applying for Spanish Citizenship Due to Sephardic Origin: Paying the Tasa (Tax)


I am finally (FINALLY) at the stage of paying the tasa (the tax) for my application and while I don’t think it’s very confusing, I have gone through this tasa-paying runaround quite a few times here in Spain, so I thought I would put it all down here for anyone who needs some help.   Enjoy.  

Before I begin, HERE is the website with all of the information and links you need, but it is in Spanish.

  • What form do I need to pay this tax? 

You need a form called the ‘modelo 790-codigo 026′, which is form 790- code 026’.  This tells the bank which tax you are paying and how much it should be.  This form is specifically for people of Sephardic origin applying for citizenship.  You can download the form HERE.  (Click the link that says ‘Tramitacion on-line sin certificado digital’ under the heading ‘Descarga del formulario 790’ and then when the box box ups, click the blue button to download.

  • How can I pay the tax?  

I am only familiar with paying the tax in person, in a bank in Spain.  Of course, that is not an option for everyone (or for most, I would assume).  Here are your options (with each of them, you still need the above form):

  1. Pay through a tax agency.  Be sure to include a reference number.
  2. Pay in person, in Spain.  You will need a valid Spanish ID number in order to do this (but they don’t always ask…)
  3. Pay online through a bank system.
  4. Pay through a Spanish agency that works with your own tax agency
  5. Make an international bank transfer with your bank account.  If you do that, here is the information I found online BUT DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE DOING IT TO MAKE SURE THINGS ARE CORRECT.

-Bank: BBVA

-Title of the Account: Ministerio de Justicia-Cuenta Restringida Recaudacion Tasas Extranjeros

-NIF of the Account: S-2813610-I

-IBAN or Internadtional Code: IBAN ES62 0182 2370 4202 0800 0060

-Identification Code (BIC) for BBVA: BBVAESMMXXX

  • What is the price of the tax?

One document says 100 Euros and another document says 101 Euros.  The Ministry of Justice website says 101 so I will go with that.  But… #Spain.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to do everything CORRECTLY because if you transfer the incorrect amount, it cannot be returned.  For that reason, you should not use this information without doing your own research.


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