Grandma Thoughts


I have this theory that Spanish people have (what I LOVINGLY refer to as) grandma thoughts.  As in, they believe in things that….aren’t true, but to them they are true and if you don’t do them (or do do them), you will get sick, go to hell, or die. Or all three.  I call them grandma thoughts because they are things that your grandma might say, but you’re like, “no grandma, that’s not true.  Times have changed…”, but your grandma doesn’t believe you and then she prays for your soul to be saved.  Haha…kidding on the last part.  

Examples of Spanish Grandma Thoughts:

  • If you sleep with the air conditioner on, it’s really really bad for your health.  You will definitely get sick.  Real conversation: Spaniard: “I couldn’t sleep last night.  It was so hot.”, Me: “Why didn’t you turn on the air conditioner?”, Spaniard: “That’s so bad for you.  You do that?????”, Me: *rolls eyes and thinks about how nicely I sleep in a perfectly air conditioned refrigerator* 
  • The dryer will ruin your clothes.  Clothes should be hung.  If you have a dryer, you use it for towels and that’s it.  Truth: The dryer makes clothes nice and soft and makes them warm and they smell good.  Sometimes it does ruin clothes though (but certainly not always)
  • You should drink warm milk with honey when you have a cold.  This one just makes me laugh since a lot of studies say not to consume dairy products when you have a cold since it can increase the production of mucus and make you more stuffed up.  Haaaahaaaaa
  • Pasta and generally carby things are not dinner items.  They are for lunch and lunch only.  I mean, I guess that’s healthy, buuuuuuut….
  • If you’re sick, have a headache, or something hurts, you should see a doctor (go to the hospital if necessary) and take medicine immediately.  My generalized, judgmental thought is that Spaniards flock to the doctor as soon as something hurts (even something like the stomach) and doctors over-prescribe medication.
  • If you wear shorts in the winter (like after the gym), you will freeze to death.  I have worn shorts to the supermarket after going to the gym and been asked, “are you ok?” and “do you need help?”

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