August Weekend.


Hey, hey, hey!  

Happy Tuesday!!  I had grand plans of getting this post up yesterday, but I had a freak episode of getting the chills and then vomiting (twice…during my online class) so that was fun.  I spent the whole day sleeping, but I seem to be feeling much better…knock on wood.

Other than that, I am totally excited because TOMORROW, I am jetting off to the USA!  With Luis!  It’s gonna be great, but before then, I wanted to share some of my weekend.  I hope you all had a good one!

Actually, let’s back up til Thursday since Thursday was the first day I saw Ancy and Chris!  Ancy has been one of my very good friends since elementary school, back when we used to trade snacks, and now she is all grown up and getting married to Chris!wknd5  

So strange (because I feel like the years have FLOWN), but I am so so happy for them.  They are in Spain for almost two weeks and spending a few days in Madrid, so when they landed on Thursday, we met up for some food and to walk around.wknd7

On Friday, I was feeling a little bit off.  Not sure what was up, but definitely was having a day.  I met up with Luis later in the afternoon, we had a couple drinks and then went carpet shopping for his new apartment.  He needs your help!  Which one do you like?

Option 1:wknd10

Option 2:


Edited: I hope you say option 2 because that’s what he decided.

After all of that fun, fun, fun, we had dinner made by Luis!  Salmon with tzatziki and a big salad.wknd9

Later that day, I had a couple of classes and then a tour (with WithLocals).  Right after, I hurried back home to prepare some snacks and drinks because Ancy, Chris, and Luis were on their way over.  We drank a lot of tinto and then went out.  Things got weird.


Just kidding.  It was a really fun night, hence why we got home at 5 am.wknd12

I taught a couple classes on Sunday, fueled by this bad boy:wknd14

And that’s it!  The rest of Sunday involved cleaning, going for a run with Luis, buying some paint, having dinner, and going to bed super early.  #old


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