Luis in the USA, Part III (Washington D.C II)


So much to say, so many photos to share!  If you are just coming to the blog, check this post for the first part of our Washington trip.  On the second day, we had breakfast with Maeghan and then said our goodbyes.  From there, we headed into the center of Washington and immediately headed to Chipotle.  #priorities.DSC_0333

Safe to say he was a fan.

From there, we walked to the White House and snapped a few photos.DSC_0349

They’ve added a couple new security barriers since the last time I was there!

Up to the Washington MonumentDSC_0360 DSC_0365

To the National WWII MemorialDSC_0372

And then to the Lincoln Memorial.DSC_0386 DSC_0390 DSC_0394

Lastly, we headed to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (also free!) and spent a couple hours walking around, reading, remembering, reflecting.  I only wish we had had more time, but it just means we will need to go back.

By the time we left, we were so ready for dinner so we ordered an Uber and headed to Georgetown for dinner!DSC_0416 DSC_0404

If I lived in D.C (and were rich), I would want to live in Georgetown.  It reminded me so much of West Chester, which I loooved.

After a lot of back and forth (seriously, a LOT of back and forth…sorry, Luis), we decided on a BBQ joint for dinner.DSC_0419“Is this bread???”

DSC_0428 DSC_0436

We both liked it, but both thought it was a teeny bit overpriced for those portions.  Hey, that’s Georgetown for ya.  It was a good ending to an awesome day!  Unfortunately, we had a 3 hour trip home, but it wasn’t so bad…for some of us 😉IMG_2646

^^me making pb&j at the Lincoln Memorial because I’m a savage.

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