Six Gifts to Bring to the United States from Spain (and a Bonus!)


Planning a trip to Europe and want to bring back a great gift from Spain?

I’m actually a horrible person and horrible gift-giver and when I went back to the United States, I didn’t get anyone any gifts to take back to Spain.  Even the people I should have gotten a gift, I didn’t  Again, I’m a bad person.  It’s not that I didn’t think about it…I did!  I thought about it a lot.  I guess it’s just that I’m used to everything there.  So it was really hard to think about what is cool and unique to the US.  I guess I could have brought back a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.  Or a big bag of candy (like Twix and Reese’s).  I saw some lady in the Norwegian Air line who paid an additional $65.00 in overage fees just to take her candy back with her.  #commitment.  When I visit other cities, I’m always interested in trying the local food/ local goods, so it’s easier to get goodies, like butter cookies in a cute tin from Copenhagen,  Port wine from Oporto, Belgian chocolates from Belgium, dead sea beauty products from Israel, etc.  The U.S…hmmmmm….soft pretzels?  fattening food?  Like what is OUR thing?!  And I’m not someone to purchase a t-shirt that says “Philadelphia” on it for people.  I’m just not.  I like meaningful gifts or something that really only comes from that place.  Or, if I really knew that the person would love and wear the t-shirt, I would get them a t-shirt (my dad is one of those people).  I guess a cool beer from a local brewer….or a shot glass….or a mug?  I don’t know.  The U.S. has everything, but this gift-giving thing is nearly impossible.  Help.

SO, I’m still no closer to figuring out what our thing is in the United States, so instead, here is a list of things that make great gifts from Spain.girftsfromspainPicMonkey Collage3


In no particular order:

  • Wine // They have Spanish wine in the U.S., but I think hand-picked (even from the local supermarket) wine makes a nice gift.  And it’s so….Spanish.  No one has to know it cost you less than 5 Euros!
  • Turron // a slightly-sweet, nutty dessert, made from almonds and honey.  Great for accompanying coffee.  This is a super sweet dessert and appeals to a more refined palat, so if you need a nice gift for grandma…
  • Saffron // know someone who loves to cook?  Bring them back a small pack (or a bottle, if you got the $$) of Saffron from Spain.  It’s grown in Spain and any home cook will love the flavor it gives to their dishes at home.  
  • A leather coat, jacket, bag, gloves, shoes etc. //  Spain is a producer of some of the best leather in the world, which means you’re in luck for finding great leather products.  If they don’t have a logo, they are at a very reasonable price.  You can finally afford that leather purse you’ve always wanted, and it will last forever.
  • Vermouth // an aromatized wine that is originally from Italy, it’s widely drunk in Spain.  There are all different types: sweet, dry, red, white, rose, etc.  Try some yourself and then grab a bottle for a friend.
  • Hand-held fans (called abanico) // these fans are sturdy and long-lasting and make a great gift for someone who is always hot.  Every girl/ woman I know has one of these small, portable fans stashed in her purse in the summer.
  • Spanish soccer jersey // any sports fan will love a jersey for their favorite team: Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, or… Barcelona 😉
  • An open-ended invitation to visit you in Spain (if you live there) // this is my gift cop-out…but I love when people visit so it’s a win-win!

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