When All You Do All Weekend is Eat.


Well, here we are- Monday again (Tuesday, when this is posted), and there is another weekend behind us that seemed to have flown by!  I guess that’s a sign of a good weekend!  This weekend was full of a lot of work (yay for new jobs) and a LOT of food.  I’m surely not complaining 🙂

On Thursday, I caught the cooking bug and made these stuffed peppers based off of Michael Solomonov’s awesome cookbook.  I didn’t want to use meat, so I followed the same recipe, but stuffed them with a mix of farrow, carrots, eggplant, and zucchini. Luis came over for dinner and he gave two thumbs up!sal14

On Friday, I taught a couple classes online and then got right to baking.  I made a couple challahs (again, from his cookbook) and a loaf of soft yogurt bread. sal12

While they were rising, I took my booty to the gym for a sweaty body combat workout and after being INCREDIBLY sore from Wednesday’s workout, this class added fuel to the fire and I was so sore the whole weekend.  

I worked more that afternoon, then went to Luis’ office for mid-day drinks.sal3 

It’s one of my favorite things we do all week.  And his too- just look at that face 😉sal4

Friday night, I had a private food tour to do, and then was in bed pretty early.  That’s okay though, because getting an early start to a Saturday is so nice #grandma.  I was dead set on eating on the balcony, so that’s what we did. sal8

It makes me too happy to have this little space!  Emphasis on little….

I worked a bit on Saturday afternoon and then enjoyed a nice coffee while watching life below.sal11

I didn’t have long because Maeghan and I met up for some strong juices and some chit-chatting.sal15 sal16 sal17 

She is one of my last friends left here and I don’t know where I would be without her!!  We went to Celioso in Chueca, which is attached to the BE YOU Hotel.  Oh my gosh, the most beautiful hotel!  I want to just go sit in their lobby with a book and eat their free popcorn.

We met in Chueca, because within an hour I had to jet off to another tour!  This one was…interesting.  I was happy when it was over so Luis and I could go to dinner!  Lovin’ this little ritual of meeting on Saturday night and finding a good bar to get some tapas and drinks.  A quick Google search brought us to Taberna El sur, where we got a ton of food and a drink each for less than 24 Euros.  Add it to your list.  (One plate of food not shown).sal9

My date was even better than that food…


We were both SO full after that, so we walked around Madrid and then called it a night early.  

On Sunday morning, we went for a run, which is another one of my favorite parts of the week, but not his- he complains the entire time.  Ha.

After our run, I quickly threw on a clean t-shirt for 2.5 hours of VipKid classes and as soon as they were over, I jumped in the shower and ran out the door to meet Luis and his mom for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Madrid- Lacana.  On Sundays they do a Moroccan menu and it’s just as good as the weekly menu!

We shared…


It was like a beef/ cheese quesadilla with spices


Chicken cous cous (with carmelized onions, walnuts, and raisins)


Raspberry pudding cake

All was so good and I left extremely full, happy, and feeling so lucky that Luis and his mom treat me like a part of their family.  

Lastly, I walked back to Chueca for my final tour of the weekend (yes, 3 tours).  It was a lot, but it was a fun weekend.  

Monday morning, I was back at work, and by Monday afternoon, back to eating.sal1

Have a great week!


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