5 Things I Miss About Home During the Fall


I actually just changed that title from 5 Reasons Why Madrid S*&?!s During the Fall, so that’s the alternate title 😉

Spain is great for so many reasons, one of them being the weather.  Dry summers with hardly any clouds ever, low rainfall, not super cold in the winter.  It’s a decent situation, but one thing I don’t like in Spain?  FALL.  It’s my favorite season, but I don’t get to experience it to the fullest here, so let’s all gather round and talk about our favorite things.  Here are mine!

1 // No Leaves Changing Color.  From green to dead they go!leaves changing PA


2 // No Pumpkin Picking.  pumpkin picking fall


3 // No Apple Picking.  I just want to be basic af, OKAY?apple picking


I don’t know that girl but I am jealous of her.

4 // People don’t wear flannals and booties.  fall fashionPicMonkey Collage

Not that I would either, but…I think about it.

5 // No Pumpkin or Apple or Cinnamon-Spiced Foods or Coffees.fall7


And for more fun:

6 // No Hay-Rides, No Corn-Mazes, No Fall Spirit.hayride in Spainsource

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