When You Make a Weekend Plan

What an awesome weekend!
La Horizontal El Escorial Madrid
I figured it out- the secret to an epic weekend is a PLAN. Last weekend, I was feeling a little bummed by the fact that I spent most of the weekend working and then during my time off, I wasn’t doing anything with any real purpose. It was fun of course, but I let cool events and big chunks of time pass by.oct138

Last week, I was determined to change that so on Wednesday, I did some research to fill in the crevices of time when I wasn’t working. I don’t mind working on the weekends- it’s actually fun, but I do think the free moments are sweeter when you have things to look forward to.

Last weekend started on Wednesday night (what is my life?) because of a holiday in Spain on Thursday and Friday.  So what did I do…. on Wednesday I got the idea to make bagels, so I did that.DSC_0893-001Now taking orders 😉
Then later that afternoon, I went to the gym for another insanely hard cross for workout and then went out with my roommates for a drink. So fun to get out of the house!
On Thursday, Luis and I went hiking!!
We went to El Escorial and did the trail called La Horizontal, which is a short out and back trail that is flat and really easy.
La Horizontal El Escorial MadridLa Horizontal El Escorial Madrid
It was fine though- we enjoyed the views and just chatting and then after, we drove over to the town and walked around and saw El Escorial.day in El EscorialIMG_0408 IMG_0427 IMG_0412  
To end the afternoon, we stopped for some coffee and cheesecake at Keeyan’s!!Keeyan's cheesecake Madrid
I have been raving about this place to Luis for almost a year, so we made it happen.
Friday was a go go go day for me, but I like being busy! I started the day at the gym for some body combat, then ran home, quickly showered and jumped on the computer for 3 straight hours of VIPKID teaching.  Phew… I was beat by the end of that.  I had a couple hours to relax (and made a quiche- followed this recipe)IMG_0440

Then quickly showered and headed out to do a food tour with Withlocals.  When the group is fun, I LOVE these tours.  This group was great- full of questions and conversation.  Once I finished, I walked home and curled up in bed.

On Saturday, Erica (my roommate) and I hosted a brunch!DSC_0031
We had quite the spread and it was awesome.  From quiche to lemon poppyseed muffins to homemade tortilla to sliced fresh fruit, bagels, and kombucha.  Epic.  I took like 500 photos of the food because it’s so pretty!oct136 
He waited patiently…
All that food food powered me through two hours of online teaching, then an hour of browsing through the stores in Madrid and then off to another tour.  This one was with SEVEN people, which was the second largest I’ve ever done.  It was one of my top 3 tours and I absolutely had a blast.  Such a fun family and I hope they enjoyed it.
As soon as it was over, I met up with Luis for dinner!oct135
I was starving and a little buzzed thanks to beers on the tour (job perks 😉 ), so we went straight to Maricastaña and shared the truffle burger and truffle sweet potato fries and fried eggs on top.  Both were so good and since mushrooms are in season, I’m excited to start cooking with them!!
On Sunday, we went for a run and then I abused Luis at the gym and put us through one of the crossfit workouts.  He may or may not have considered ending our relationship 😉
As soon as it was over, I sprinted home since I had to be online for 3 hours of class in less than 10 mins! I made it though, but had to dig deep for the energy to do the classes.  I love them, but 5 in a row is a lot!!  Once they were over, I was FREE, so I showered , had lunch (at 5:00- I am Spanish), answered emails, and then Luis and I went to La Casa Encendida, which is a local art gallery right near my house I’ve never been to!oct132 
They had various expositions, a cute little cafe, and a rooftop terrace!oct133
This hidden gem has been there all that time!! Now I know…
From there, we grabbed ingredients to make a mushroom and onion quiche and then went home to cook and eat.
What a lovely end to an awesome weekend!! This upcoming week is full of 4 work days in school, at least two tours, and 17 VIPKID classes.oct13
Let’s do this, baby. DSC_0037

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