Sheep, Running, Addams Family, and Tapas: All in a Weekend

Another awesome awesome weekend! Madrid is at its peak cold time- late October when the days are crisp and it’s always bright and sunny. Perfect for eating on sunny terraces, going to runs, and seeing some sheep 😉DSC_0054
Just looking back on the pictures makes me happy!
Thursday night, Luis and I went to the Mercado de Los Sabores (Market of Flavors), a market hosted by the beer company, Mahou.
It was in Palacio de Cibeles and they had a cool set up with different food stands and, of course, beer.IMG_0646IMG_0644 
We tried 3 different taps: one lamb kebab with mint (really good!), one chicken tinga taco (decent-Luis liked it a lot), and one mini lamb sandwich (would have been better with more stuff and less bread).IMG_0653
Friday morning, I headed to Body Combat and then raced home for 3 hours of teaching, then raced right back out the door to meet my roommates, Erica and Cecile for an awesome lunch at Lacaña, one of my favorite spots in Madrid.IMG_0551
I started with a tomato salad (above) with onion, arugula, feta, pumpkin seeds, sun-dried tomato, and some other goodies.  After that, I had chicken curry and then we shared chocolate mouse over persimmon puree and ice cream.  I want to go back.  Spain, you do lunch so so well.
We went for a little walk after lunch, popping in and out of stores, and then headed home.IMG_0580IMG_0586
I quickly changed and went right back out for a Shabbat service and dinner at the local synagogue.  No matter where you are in the world, there is ALWAYS a group of Jewish people getting together for Shabbat dinner.  Join them.  (Click the ‘Shabbat dinner’ link to learn more about what to expect at a Shabbat dinner).
It was a fun night!
On Saturday, I signed myself up for 2 extra hours of teaching since I didn’t have anything else to do and it was great! Before class, though, I went out for a walk.
I wasn’t that early- around 9:00 am, but the streets were completely quiet.  Almost eery, but so relaxing with just me and my thoughts.
I taught 2 hours, had an hour break, then two more hours.  #hustle
Once they were over, I scarfed down lunch in the peace and quiet of my little garden.IMG_0625
Saturday night, Luis and I ran through the MIDDLE of the streets in Madrid since they were closed off for this cool light and music show happening through the city. There is no adrenaline quite like the kind that comes from sprinting up normally crazy busy streets! At home, we each showered, had dinner, and then met some of L’s friends for a quick drink.
On Sunday, we went and saw 2000 sheep walk through the city! But firsssst, breakfast.DSC_0007-002
Then sheep!DSC_0056
Only in Spain 🙂  this was the Fiesta de Trashumancia.DSC_0051 DSC_0040 IMG_0655 DSC_0067
I had to rush home and teach a couple more hours, but as soon as it was done, I met Luis again because he had a surprise and it was AWESOME. We saw the Addams family musical at Teatro Calderon and it was so so so good.addams1
He knew I wanted to go, and he surprised me by getting tickets! What a keeper I have! I had a huge smile on my face the whole time and was so beyond impressed by the talent! The music, the dancing, the comedy- all of it was awesome.  Back at the ranch, we had chicken curry for dinner and then bedtime! 

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