Best Impressive and Easy Friendsgiving Recipes 2017


Looking for the BEST Impressive and Easy Friendsgiving Recipes for 2017?  Recipes that will impress your friends, but not leave you drowning in work?  I have put together a list that I, too, will be using this year and I am just too excited!

This yes, (Luis and) I are hosting FRIENDSGIVING and I am so excited!!!  Can you tell?Friendsgiving

It will be a night of many firsts- the first time Luis’ brand spankin’ new kitchen gets used to the max, the first night he has guests over (besides me, obvi), the first time someone spills wine on the new sofa, the first time I make a full size turkey.  It will also be Luis’ FIRST proper Thanksgiving (yes, we have been together quite some time BUT the first year we hosted Thanksgiving, Luis and his friends showed up to our proper dinner at, like, 1 am (and by proper, I mean that everyone was drunk, but either way, the food was gone).  And last year I didn’t do anything.  

SO.  This year is THE YEAR.  I am very excited, and while it’s still a month away, I am already making lists of who to invite (so A-list) AND what to make.  I want it to be potluck style, but like any good host, I want to provide the bulk of the meal.  Here are some of the best friendsgiving recipes for 2017 that I have found while perusing that I may or may not make, but you might find useful!

Cheese board // You can’t start any proper Thanksgiving without an awesome cheese board.  Here’s a how-to.

Turkey // With 440 positive reviews, this Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey looks like one I can’t ruin.

Gravy // And a gravy to go along with it!

Cranberry sauce // Homemade cranberry sauce is so much better than that gelatinous kind.  And it’s not hard!

Mashed potatoes // You can’t NOT add a ton of butter and cream cheese to mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.  These look creamy and dreamy.

Stuffing // A simple stuffing recipe (everyone’s favorite part!).  Or this one?

Sweet potato casserole // Take a perfectly healthy sweet potato, add loads of butter, sugar, and candied nuts, and you got yourself some sweet potato casserole! this one look scrumptious.

Green bean casserole // My family doesn’t do green bean casserole normally, but they should start.  

Cornbread // I saw this cornbread on PB fingers.  Award-winning!  And it looks easy and delicious.  Definitely making this!!

Roasted veggies // I really want to do a beautiful roasted veggie platter.  Squash, beets, carrots, rosemary, mmmmmmmmmm.

Cheesy butternut squash bake // I love a good mac n cheese, but it’s so heavy for an already heavy meal.  How about this cheesy butternut squash bake from Tales of Me and the Husband instead?  I think it looks awesome.

Dessert // When you think you’re going to explode, all you need to do is unbutton your pants and you’ll have plenty of room for dessert.  I want to make this pumpkin cheesecake, this pecan pie, and this deep-dish apple pie.

And lastly, don’t forget the rolls with butter, wine, beer, and cranberry sauce.  

I hope you all have a lovely Friendsgiving with a table full of these recipes.  Bon appetit!





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