Life moves so quickly. Time flies, there’s never enough time in the day. You’re always tired, there is always more to accomplish. AHHHFBFDBBSFBSDBHHB. Like that.

But there are also so many good, sweet moment. I want to look back and remember them, so here they are.nov3

Had to share this salad.  I mean, LOOK at those colors.  My mom’s eyes just rolled.


Luis and I went out to lunch last week.  MID week.  Neither of us were huge fans of that sweet syrup on the salad, but the rest was good


Especially ^that salmon.


I found the most fashionable new glasses.  I actually want a pair/ think my dad would use them.  They stay clipped on your nose with no support!


You can’t forget IKEA.  Never forget IKEA.


And lest you think I’ve been doing all these things alone…. here is the partner in crime.


I have friends too….well, one.  This is Meaghan and it was her birthday this week!  We out to celebrate.


I had the most AMAZING ricotta and pear raviolis with a walnut and pumpkin cream sauce.  Bury me in that sauce.


We shared these babies for dessert AND wine AND pizza.  wknd4

And last, but not least…spotted at Zara: sweatpants.  Lucky for me, I have been rockin’ that fashion since 1991.

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