An Amazing Thanksgiving in Madrid


Wow, this year’s Thanksgiving in Madrid was AMAZING!  I had previously written that I was excited since it would be Luis’ first real Thanksgiving, but it was also the first time he really used his new apartment and it could have been the first time that things got badly stained, BUT- I am so happy to report that nothing bad happened and it was actually awesome.DSC_0421

Backing up to the actual prep…this was an all day ordeal, more like an all WEEK ordeal.  It seemed like we prepped for a long time, but it was so worth it.  On Saturday, I went to Luis’ apartment around 3 to start getting ready.  The things we cooked/ provided (with links):

I chopped, stirred, boiled, baked, and more, for a good two hours before Luis FINALLY showed up with our toddler.  I knew we had to get him prepped and in the oven or this would be a turkey-less Thanksgiving…thanks3

Putting my hand any further into the thing would have resulted in a call to the fire department, I am positive of that.  Also, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN LEGS LIKE THAT?  That turkey went to the gym a lot.


“Is this the head side…or the…..?”

Once the turkey was nice a cozy in the oven (any bigger and it would not have fit), we got to work in over-drive, prepping and getting ready.  My good friend, Meaghan was a LIFESAVER and let us use her oven to roast the veggies and make the stuffing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  While Luis drove them to her house, I made a cheese plate!  My first one, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed.easy cheese plate

Once that was done, I set the table (flowers courtesy of Meaghan!!)table set for thanksgiving in MadridDSC_0354

And then people started arriving!  We moved the cheese and delicious hummus into the living room, along with multiple glasses of wine 😉Thanksgiving cheese plate and appsDSC_0364

Soon after that, the turkey was cooked (much to my surprise/ delight!!).  Erica and I chopped it up (when I asked Luis to do it, he said “I don’t know how to cut that thing”…or something along those lines), so we handled it.  I have to say, I was so impressed with the spread.  Everyone brought something to share and it was all AMAZING.Madrid Thanksgiving buffetThanksgiving buffet Thanksgiving buffet

The Spaniards were like… “you’re eating this….for DINNER?”.  Yes, yes we are!!  This is Thanksgiving, Madrid style!

I was so happy once everyone was sitting and talking and laughing and enjoying themselves.DSC_0384 Thanksgiving in Madrid dinnerDSC_0388

It felt like home- warm and comfortable and fun, just like Thanksgiving should be. color coordinate thanksgiving color coordinate thanksgiving with friendsThanksgiving in Madrid hosts 

Once everyone finished dinner, we had dessert, drank a bit, and then played a game that had us all cracking up.  We didn’t even realize it was almost 5 am by the time everyone left, but I think that’s a sign that everyone had an awesome time.


I feel thankful for each and every one of these people and I am already looking forward to next year!!!Thanksgiving in Madrid group

Oh, and who can complain about a post-Thanksgiving fridge like THIS:Thanksgiving leftovers in fridge

An Amazing Thanksgiving in Madrid, indeed.

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