New Years Intentions 2018


The other day, while out on an absolutely FRIGID walk, I was listening to a podcasts talking about New Years resolutions and intentions.  The podcast talked about the various personality types, according to Gretchin Rubin (writer of The Happiness Project).  She says the types of personalities are: Upholder, Questioner, Rebel, and Obliger, and depending on your personality, you may be more or less inclined to make resolutions.  While listening to the podcast, I immediately thought “I am definitely an upholder”, and she stated that these types of people DO make resolutions.  I decided to take her quiz (which you can find here) to check that I am an upholder and I found…..

I am an upholder.  Surprise, surprise!  So with that, I decided I would use it to make this year, 2018, the best one yet.  Let’s see how it works out!

I can’t say that I am usually one to make New Year’s resolutions, mostly because, like the rest of the world, they go out the window by January 4th.  The problem is that we make them too big, too grand, too…impossible.  This year, however, I feel differently about making some resolutions, but I don’t want to call them resolutions.  I am calling them New Year intentions- things I intend to work on in the year 2018.  Also, I want each thing to be done intentionally, with focus and energy and purpose.  Instead of writing grand, immeasurable items (ie, exercise more….what is ‘more’?), I am trying to make each one measurable and, more importantly, attainable.

I would love to hear one intention you have for yourself in the new year!intentions

2018 New Year Intentions


  • Take one class this year to learn something new or continue learning.
  • Practice self-kindness.
  • Travel to a new continent


  • Drink 3 bottles of water per day (half liter each)
  • Walk 10,000 steps per day, no excuses.  
  • Do 3 sessions of intentional exercise per week (such as: go for a run, take an exercise class, or do Nike Training Club)
  • Eat less meat (less than 3x/ week) and more vegetables (every day)
  • Floss my teeth (at least) 5 days per week, but aim for 7.


  • Add $350 or more to retirement account each month 
  • Save 60% of income per month


  • Intend to meet one friend per week for coffee/ drinks/ dinner to meet up and chat
  • Tell my loved ones I love them more
  • Do one intentionally fun activity with Luis per week (new restaurant, activity, sport, etc)
  • Forgive more easily


  • Blog: write one new blog post per week, or a total of 4 or more per month
  • Blog: comment on at least two blog posts per week
  • Bruja’s Bakery: add four new items this year
  • Bruja’s Bakery: update the site at least once per month
  • Vipkid: don’t overdue it.  Keep it fun

Anything I should add?

So that’s it (for now)!  Just because this is a New Year Intentions list doesn’t mean that I won’t add to it as the days and months go on.  I would like to revisit it quarterly to see how I am doing and how I can improve with my New Year Intentions.  

Happy New Year!

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  1. Love this! I like how you broke down your intentions into different categories. I’m also trying to eat less meat and incorporate more of a plant based lifestyle – but living in Madrid makes it really hard!!

    Good luck to you in 2018!

    1. That’s true- it’s so difficult, especially when eating out but when eating at home, it’s easy since veggies are so cheap! Thank you for commenting and wishing you the best in 2018! Happy New Year!

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