What’s in My Bag


As I get ready to head back to Spain, I am packing my tiny suitcase, but as always, my suitcase is going back with me much heavier than it came.  Actually, now that I think about it, I could have brought an almost empty suitcase, just clothes to workout and leggins to sit at home because THAT’S ALL I HAVE BEEN WEARING!  But…c’est la vie.  I wanted to give you all a peek into my suitcase to show you what’s making the journey across the ocean with me.

1// Food processor- my mom had an extra one, so this little food processor will be perfect for making homemade peanut butter and almond butter.suit1

2// Espresso Maker – I want to take it back to use at Luis’, where he has a SINGLE serving coffee maker that drives me insane.  There is a good chance that the one I’m taking won’t work though.


3 // Trader Joe’s peanut butter and almond butter – this needs no explanation.


4 // Pearls my parents bought me from Vietnam!

5 //Spices (tumeric, ginger, and dukkah) – I really want to make golden latte (or a spiced tumeric latte).  The recipe calls for fresh tumeric, but the powder will work for now.


6 // Trader Joe’s Pita Bite crackers – these crackers are SO good!  They are perfectly crunchy and with excellent flavor.  I love them with a salad for lunch.


7 // Pantene Volumizing hair spray- because my hair’s flatter than ever.


I guess the common theme here is FOOD and primarily food from Trader Joe’s, but those are the things I miss most when I’m at my home away from home.

If you were living abroad, what would you take?

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