The Quest for the Best Bagels in Madrid

bagels in Madrid

When you’re from the USA, actually, when you’re from the East Coast of the USA, there is one thing that you will miss when you are in Spain: BAGELS. Finding a bagel- any bagel- let alone, the best bagel in Madrid, is no easy feat.  Enter:  Bruja’s Bakery.  This is a business that I announced a couple months ago, but this year, 2018, I am excited to make it bigger and watch it grow.  Bruja’s Bakery started as a platform for selling pies around Thanksgiving, baked goods, and a few bagels in Madrid, but in this coming year, I really want to focus on just selling bagels in Madrid, with a few sweet treats thrown in here and there.  bagels in Madrid

Bagels are something that I grew up on, from family brunches and lunches and holiday dinners, to funerals, food for curing a hangover, and more.  Bagels were always a part of my life and diet until I moved to Madrid.  Without any deliciously chewy options in Madrid, I set out to make my own and have been more than pleased with the way they have turned out.  Friends and family have given great reviews, and I’m so excited to start sharing with the world. 

SO, if you are looking for the best bagels in Madrid- chewy, hearty, seedy bagels, then you’ve found the right place!  I have a variety of flavors and I’m always adding more, but for now, we have: Sesame Seed, Everything, and Cinnamon-Raisin.bagels in Madrid

I accept all orders through my website and if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!  I love hearing from other people!bagels in Madrid

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