Snowy Madrid Weekend

Well, the unthinkable is happening!  It’s SNOWING in Madrid.  It hardly ever rains, let alone SNOWS here.febwk

And what’s more?  It’s been snowing for TWO days!  I am writing this post after a lovely relaxing weekend and as I write it, the snow is coming down incredibly hard.  It’s not really sticking much, but it’s definitely coming down.  How weird!  And I am writing this post from Luis’ apartment where it’s always so freakin’ warm, but I’m actually shivering.  I have a blanket and a hot cup of coffee keeping me company!febwk2

So, like I said- this weekend was a good one!  It was a good mix of relaxing and fun, and a couple of good workouts, too.  Oh!  And Bruja’s Bakery was crazy!!

Bruja's Bakery bagels 

Thanks to a couple kind souls posting about my bagels, I received a whole bunch of bagel orders on Thursday and Friday, so I spent the weekend mixing, measuring, kneading, and baking.  It was a good one!

On Friday, I was up wayyyy too early to bake (like 6 am) after going to bed at 2 am because….I was baking.  Of course, it’s always hard to get up after only 4 hours of sleep, but I am SO EXCITED that Bruja’s Bakery is doing well that I didn’t even care.  What was more difficult was that I had 4 hours of work on VipKid over the course of the day, so that was a bit rough- but I survived!

I spent the day baking, teaching, and selling bagels and it was great- like my best life!

On Friday night, all I wanted to do was eat dinner and go to bed- the earlier the better!  Unrelated, but look at these tomatoes?!  They look like some strange plum/apple/tomato hybrid.feb3febwk3 

I was in bed and asleep by 10 and it was perfect.  On Saturday, I was up early to teach.  Sometimes I sign up for classes on Saturday or Sunday mornings, and this weekend, it was Saturday.  Luckily, one student cancelled, but I also felt pretty good after 8+ hours of sleep.  Once I finished class, it was breakfast time!  Papaya smoothies, coffee, and cereal.


The rest of Saturday included lots of baking, food shopping, and a run.  On Saturday night, I made some cookie dough for one of my Sunday orders…


Then Luis and I went into Malasana and got drinks (ok, one drink each….) at a bar.febwk8 

We called it a night around 1:00 am and that was fine with me because I was beat.

On Sunday morning, I got up to bake bagels, and then Luis and I ate breakfast and rushed out the door to sell the bagels and then head to the gym.


It was raining/ snowing by that point, but I LOVE starting Saturday and Sunday morning with workouts and then spending the rest of the day relaxing.  It’s like I know I can relax because I’ve worked hard at the gym.  We went to my gym where I ran for 20 minutes and then we did a full-body barbell workout.Madrid gym

 After the gym, we bought a few things at the supermarket, went back to Luis’ apartment, and then had lunch while watching the snow!!


Fresh (store-bought) pasta with (store-bought) pesto.  It was super good!

I had to head back out the door for another bagel sale (which is awesome!) and then we watched a move together.  #Sundaynightgoals.

And that brings us to Monday- snowy, cold, and cozy.  Hey, and it’s half over at this point!  Not bad!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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