A Day in Life: Working on VIPKID Full Time

As many of you may or may not know, I have recently made a big change!  I am now working for VIPKID full-time!  By ‘full-time’, I mean that I work 5 hours per day, 5 days per week and I am loving it!  I decided to make this move for a number of reasons and initially, I was really afraid of how it would go.  Three weeks in and I can say: THINGS ARE GREAT! 

I work from home, really only WORK 5 hours since there is no commute, and I finish each day light and happy.  I don’t feel dragged down, never dread work, and I can work from anywhere in the world!  Before making this move, I was working about 10 hours per week PLUS 16 hours at school (and 8-10 hours of commute time per week).  Now, I work 25 hours per week, I have time and energy for the gym, and more importantly, time for projects and endeavors that make me excited!  With all of that being said, I thought I would share what my day looks like now that I am working for VIPKID full time, since most days are pretty identical (but they don’t have to be! since it’s flexible!).

If, after reading this post, you decide to leave your job (lol), move across the ocean (or not), and work on VIPKID, I can help you get hired.  Contact me!  (Or, click THIS link and apply!).

For context, I “work” from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, which allows me to have breaks throughout the day.  I could work earlier, but I find that having a later start gives me time to do a few things in the morning when I have the most energy.

7:00 // Alarm goes off (I use the Sleep Cycle alarm, which is supposed to wake me up when I am in my lightest sleep).  I hit snooze.

7:03 // Alarm again.  Continue snoozing until 7:09 ish.

7:09 // Go to the bathroom, chug a glass of water, change from pajama shorts into leggings and a bright-colored long-sleeved shirt.

7:30 or 8:00 //  Head out for a morning walk.  I find that walking 30-45 minutes first thing makes me feel better during my class, and really- look at the sky!2

8:30 // Make breakfast and sit down at the computer to get ready for the day.  Usually I make my cereal and eat it for the last ten minutes leading up to my first class (I keep the microphone off)9

9:00- 11:00 // Teach, teach, teach.  The classes pass quickly, but I love that they are just 25 minutes.  (this was my schedule a few weeks ago.  It has beefed up considerably)4

(this is an example of my schedule, but it changes every week)

11:00 – 11:30 // Break time!  This varies – some days I have just a one hour break, and other days I have two half hour breaks.  On the half hour break days, I get things done like the energizer bunny.  I clean up breakfast, do chores, answer e-mails, sometimes make more coffee or take a shower.  On the one hour break days, I (very quickly) go to the gym for 25 minutes of treadmill running!  (If I do this, I wear leggings and running shoes for my first three classes, and throw on a jacket as soon as I finish).  I also eat a snack/ scroll Instagram (priorities)711

12:00 – 3:00 // Usually I work straight through (6 classes), but sometimes I have a half hour break.  Again, the time FLIES by because each class is 25 minutes. During the 5 minute breaks, I answer messages, check my e-mail, go to the bathroom, shove food into my mouth, etc.

3:00 // Done work!  At this point, I clean up my ´classroom´, which is littered with paper and pens.12

3:30-4:00 // Lunch time, e-mail time, chat with roommates, etc.1

5:00 – 9:00 // My favorite time of day!  The great thing about working for VIPKID is that I finish work at 3:00, but I’m not tired or exhausted.  Actually, it’s the opposite.  I usually have a bunch of energy and feel like the day is just getting started.  Now (three weeks into working from home), I have a decent schedule going to keep my afternoons occupied.  For me, it´s extremely important to get out of the house after working because I start to go stir crazy.  Some days I go for a walk, for a run, or to the gym…13

Some days I go to a coffee shop to blog, work on my website, or just do random things on the computer…8

On Monday and Wednesday nights, I have Spanish class.  On Tuesday nights, I just started a ceramic class!  I guess I´m ready for the nursing home 😉

9:30-11:30  //  I usually eat dinner, watch some tv, chat with my roommates or Luis, read, go out with friends, etc.  3

Working for VIPKID home is a true gift and while it was scary to take the plunge, I am SO GLAD I did.  I feel energized, motivated, and most importantly: in control of my life.  Since the job is so flexible, I could theoretically work more or work less, work earlier and finish earlier, or take more time off.  It’s all up to me and it’s wonderful.  With that being said, this type of work an lifestyle is best suited for people who feel motivated to accomplish things on their own.  Next week, I’ll be sharing a post on how I organize my days and make sure I accomplish everything I need to accomplish.

If you want to work from home to, consider applying for VIPKID.  You can work more or less than I do and make your own schedule!  It´s worth it, I PROMISE.


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