A Full Weekend


Hi friends!  I hope you’re visiting the blog relaxed and rejuvenated after a great weekend!  My weekend was superb- lots of friend time, events, etc.  From Friday to Sunday, it felt like a go-go-go weekend, but it was the best kind of busy.blog7

On Friday, as soon as I hit submit on my last class feedback, I headed back to my apartment (from Luis’), sold some bagels, quickly changed, and then headed back out the door to meet my Spanish group for drinks.  I have been going to the same Spanish school for over a year now (off and on) and each time I join a class, I make new friends.Madrid weekend 

Friday was super fun for me and by the time I left (around 9), I was feeling ‘good’.  From there, I headed to a local bar to meet my roommates and friends to see a comedy show!  It was funny….but not super funny.  I’m glad we went, though.

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to make more bagels, video chat with a VK recruit, and then I taught 3 VK classes.  As soon as that was done, Luis and I had lunch and then headed to the gym for a workout.  Saturday was chill- just dinner.blog2

Sunday was another great day!  I had to get up pretty early since Luis and I were hosting a brunch at his apartment!  (my idea, lol).Madrid weekend 

I made bagels, set the table, and got things ready.  We had a couple hours to spare, so we ran out the door (pun intended) for a run.  As soon as we were done, I finished setting the table, showered, and put coffee on to boil.  Brunch time!American brunch


I love, love, love hosting brunches/ dinners with friends.  I think having meals with friends (especially in a foreign city) is super important for making a place feel like ‘home’.DSC_0122bernebeu views 

I’ve always said that one of the hardest parts of living away from home is never sharing meals with people, so sharing meals at home with friends makes me feel like I’m home.  It’s a good feeling and I feel so thankful for them- and for Luis- for allowing me to host in his apartment.DSC_0132


bernebeu views

Not only was this just a regular brunch, but it was also a little farewell part for my good friend Meaghan.  She has been my friend for over 2 years now!  She invited me to her Thanksgiving dinner without ever meeting me and we hit it off.  We’ve seen each other almost weekly since then and I am so happy she’s leaving, but I’m excited for her next chapter in California!


Once everyone left, we cleaned up and then headed over to Plaza Castilla to see the Auschwitz exhibit that is there for the next 6 months.  I really want to see it, but there were no available tickets for Sunday.blog6 

Instead, we walked around and then stopped for a beer and hung out at Luis’ place. As for the Auschwitz exhibit, we will visit in the coming weeks.  The rest of our Sunday night was my favorite- relaxing and easy.  I am writing this post, Luis is doing something on his laptop, there is music playing, and we are about to eat dinner.  Here’s to a happy week!


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