The 7 Best US States for Nature Lovers to Explore

Today I am sharing a collaborative post with all of you!  It’s a list of some great places to visit in the US and I can say, from experience, that this is a good list!  Some of my favorite US trips have been to the national parks, and I am looking forward to exploring more.  As always, thank you for supporting A Spoonful of TLC.

There are so many amazing places to explore across the United States, and there is something for everyone. From quaint small towns to some of the world’s greatest cities, it’s impossible to get bored in America! When it comes to nature, there is an endless list of awesome places to visit. Some of planet earth’s most beautiful landscapes are in the US. Whether you’re a fan of the woods, grand scenery, or just enjoy the simple joys of the beach, you’ll find that your desires are well catered for. It has to be said, however, that some states are better equipped in the nature department than others. Below, we take a look at eight of the best places that nature lovers have to put on their list for exploring.


Rocky Mountain High

Conjure an image of Colorado and you’ll have beautiful mountains in your mind and indeed, that is a big part of Colorado’s charm. Rocky Mountain National Park is a joy to explore, with plenty of trails, scenic outposts, and all-out beauty that are part of the charm when it comes to visiting. However, what makes this state arguably the best for outdoor lovers is that the scenery is so diverse — it’s not all rocky mountains. There’s also red rock formations, desert-like landscapes, and more. It’s an awesome place to take a road trip, since you pass so many different landscapes in one day.

Up North

There’s a lot to be said for dramatic and grand landscapes, but every true nature lover knows that it’s not always about getting that grand photography shot. Sometimes, the quiet time spent communing with the trees and the simplicity of the world is the best part of being in nature. If that sounds appealing, then take a trip to Michigan– the northern part in particular. There, you’ll find beautiful shorelines, clear lakes that are great for swimming, and more forested areas than you can imagine. It doesn’t possess the grandeur of other parts of the country, but it has its own charm.

Something for Everyone

The thing about Michigan is that it’s quiet and relaxed; there are not many people. Sometimes, however, you want to be in the mix, in a place and with people that contribute to your trip. For this, it’s hard to look past California. While the state might be most famous for its large cities, it really has something special when it comes to nature. For starters, you have Highway 1, a stunning coastal route which connects the big cities (and also goes all the way up to Canada). In the north you have the Redwood National and State Parks, which are perfect for taking a long walk through the magical trees that are so big, they have to be seen to be believed. But of course, the jewel of California — and a jewel of the United States — is Yosemite National Park, which has some of the most iconic scenes found anywhere in the world. Take a trip, and plan to stay for a few days. The main zones can get pretty busy with people during high season, but like with most national parks, it’s easy enough to get off the beaten path and have an area virtually all to yourself.

Big Sky Country

The most iconic “outdoorsy” state has to be Montana, a land that has so much open-space natural beauty, that sometimes it feels like you are the only one there, . It’s three times as big as England, yet has one-fifth of the population. That’s a lot of space to explore! You’ve got the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, recreation areas, natural hot springs, and two national parks – Glacier and, of course, Yellowstone – to name few highlights. Montana is so beautiful (especially the western part) that you can simply get in your vehicle, take a drive, and come across something breathtaking in no time. This is the place to get off the map and spend a few nights under the stars — though be sure to keep any food away from your tent, by hanging it from a tree or in your vehicle, so you don’t attract wildlife looking for food.


Grand Scenes

So far, all of our suggestions have been in mainland USA, but it’s worth keeping in mind that there is very impressive nature in Alaska. It’s where the tallest peak in the United States is! This outpost of the states is great for exploring, from kayaking trips, wildlife viewings, mountain climbing, and, well, everything — there really isn’t anything that you can’t do in Alaska, besides perhaps lying on a beach. If you’ve ever felt lured to get off the map and into true wilderness, then consider taking a trip.

Different Landscape

From one non-mainland state to another, though it couldn’t be any more different. In Hawaii, you won’t find any of the wild, majestic, primal scenery of Alaska, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. This is a tropical island with so much more to offer than just the beach — there are fun activities, such as snorkeling, bike riding, hiking, and more. Though if you’re going to take a trip all the way out there, then make sure you take a trip into the jungle — it’s the type of landscape that you can’t really find in the rest of the states, at least on this level.

Iconic USA Beauty

Finally, take a look at Arizona. This is the state where dreams of the great American road trip were made. The state is beautiful throughout, with special places all over. For example, there’s the iconic Monument Valley, and a whole host of picturesque national monuments. But the best sight in the state has to be the Grand Canyon, which is, perhaps, the best outdoor tourist attraction in the country. Hike it, photograph it, enjoy it — it’s an awe-inspiring sight that any nature lover will love.


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