How To Fall Back In Love With Your Fitness Routine This Fall

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Even with all the health, fitness and aesthetic benefits, falling in love with fitness isn’t that simple – even for the most seasoned athlete. As with anything that’s worthwhile in life, working out regularly takes serious discipline, and there will be some days when you feel more motivated than others. But what happens when you lose the motivation and spark for an extended period of time, and you can’t seem to get it back? Here are three ways to help you fall back in love with fitness in these upcoming fall months, when motivation levels are prone to dropping as quickly as the temperatures. 

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Switch it up and try a new workout

Unfortunately, humans are fickle creatures and novelty tends to wear off after a while when it comes to most things – and that also includes your fitness routine. Whether you workout in a gym, outdoors or from home, if you are doing the same routine week in and week out on repeat, you will eventually get bored pretty quickly. Not only that, but you will also stop seeing those motivating changes in your fitness levels and body that keep you going and give you that workout high as your body gets used to each exercise. Adding some new exercises to your routine, trying out a brand new sport, or signing up for a class will not only challenge you and your body, but it is also guaranteed to make your fitness routine versatile and fun again! Just remember to switch it up and inject new exercises regularly to keep your motivation on track. 

Get a buddy or become part of the community

It’s been proven that you will have a much higher chance of routinely working out and meeting your health goals when you are held accountable. The best way to do this is by either having a workout buddy or joining a fitness community to help you stay on track. Isn’t it funny how we are okay with letting ourselves down but not others? Not only will exercising with someone else motivate you to keep on going, but you will feel so bad for bailing that you will keep showing up (it’ll also be so much more fun!). If you want to become part of the fitness community, having a look online on platforms such as Facebook is the best way to go. This will allow you to find various fitness communities in your local area that you may not have known even existed. 

Get some new gear

As superficial as it might sound, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to some new activewear to really make you fall back in love with working out and show off your figure and all that hard work. In fact, it’s been proven that what you wear can have a massive impact on how you are feeling and can alter your state of mind. When you put on some new sportswear, you are automatically getting into character, putting yourself in the right state of mind to smash your goals and perform better while making you mentally prepared for the challenge. Treat yourself to some comfortable, well fitted, and (of course) aesthetically pleasing workout clothes from retailers such as Curves N Combatboots that combine design with performance and durability. Not only will you feel more confident while exercising, but you will also feel more excited to get your gear on and go off to your workout. 

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