Forget Friends – These Are The Numbers You Really Need In Your Phone When You Move Abroad

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We all know that moving abroad can be stressful. Yes, it’s likely to be one of the most amazing experiences, but that doesn’t change the fact that moving to Madrid, Australia, or whatever far-flung shores you have your eye on can be a significant upheaval. Hence why, in advance of our arrivals, many of us take the time to lay friendship foundations for when we touch down.

Having people that you can turn to right away can make a huge difference for getting to know the area, fighting the notorious loneliness of moving abroad, and all the rest. But you might also want to adorn your phone book with a few essentials. 

After all, the moment you step outside of your hometown, you need to start adulting. The more prepared you are for the practical side of things, the sooner you can settle into a stress-free daily life that leaves you to focus on friendships at last. But, what numbers do you need, exactly? 

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Take out

Getting the numbers of your local take out spots might not seem like a priority to some people (what’s wrong with you?!?) but it holds very practical purposes. When you first move, especially, you’ll have a lot going on unpacking, managing paperwork, and more importantly, getting to know your local area. As such, even if you have kitchen equipment (which is honestly no guarantee given the cost of shipping,) a trip to the food store might be last on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, nothing will make you feel more homesick than a diet of microwave noodles and snacks. Instead, dive right into local cuisine and take at least this stress off your shoulders. 


You know you’re an adult when you prioritize getting a plumber’s number over finding new friends, but trust us when we say that it’s worth it. The last thing you want is to land in a brand new country with a leaking pipe/broken AC/electricity shortage or all of the above. As such, it’s always worth researching before you land to ensure that you forever know the numbers to call if you need help with plumbing, emergency AC repair, or anything else. Even if you don’t use them right away, this is a guaranteed step towards a smooth move and a stress-free living situation. 


Thinking about work can take the adventurous spirit out of an overseas move, but it’s still essential. You might assume that you can land a job once you arrive, but that’s just more pressure. By instead at least making some business connections for your phone book beforehand, you ensure that you have job leads to follow when you need them. Given that these can help you afford your new life and even find that all-important new friendship group, that’s guaranteed to prove invaluable. 

Moving abroad is amazing and daunting in equal measure, but you can highlight the good and pretty much eliminate the bad by getting prepared and, more importantly, making sure that you have the right numbers in your phone book at last.

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