Hello March.

Do you know what blows my mind? It’s been almost a year since our world got turned upside down. A year ago to this day, the world was buzzing witht this virus that was killing people and getting entire countries locked in quarantine. Here in Madrid, it was still a lot of talk. People were jokingly doing the elbow hand shake, but it wasn’t a reality quite yet. 5 days from now, one year ago, I was skiing in Switzerland

When we left, some people were wearing masks on the plane and we were like “…is it really that big of a deal?” and then 4 days later, Spain was talking about a lockdown and a lot more people were wearing masks, but it still felt like this thing that would only last for 2 weeks and yet…here we are. March again, but an entire year later. Sometimes it just feels normal…to wear a mask all the damn time, to be limited to groups of 6 people, to have to be home before 11, and other times it makes me want to scream. I hate the damn masks, I hate that we can’t go where we want when we want, and I hate that everyone is so darn judgemental about everyone else’s decisions.

In the meantime, things have been good. Each day things get easier, work is more fluid and easier to handle. This week I am feeling especially good…I haven’t had even one breakdown so that’s something. Tomorrow is Friday and we have a huge amount of work ahead of us—20ish challahs to bake, 240 bagels to bake, 300 bagels to roll, and 6 cakes to decorate, all before 11 am. The plan is go early and leave enough time to get it all done!

In the meantime, I am off to take a shower, eat some dinner, and park myself in front of Suits, which has been on for years and has never grabbed my attention until now.


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