Buy Bagels

If are trying to figure out where to get bagels in Madrid, then congrats- you are in the right place!

(if you want to cut to the chase, here is my site for bagels in Madrid:  Brujas`s Bakery)bagels in Madrid

After missing fresh, chewy bagels from home and without an option for where to get bagels in Madrid, I decided to take it into my own hands and start my own bagel shop.  What started as just making bagels in Madrid for myself and close friends has blossomed into a business that I LOVE!  I get to experiment in the kitchen, try new flavor combinations, and share one of my favorite foods with all of Madrid.bagels in Madrid

These bagels are chewy, soft, a little salty, and all will be right in the world if you toast one up and add a schmear of butter or cream cheese.bagels in Madrid

If you want to order 12 or 120, head over to my shop, Bruja´s Bakery, where you can place orders and make requests.bagels in Madrid