YNAB Review: Budgeting – Two Months In

YNAB review

It has officially been two months since I started “really” budgeting.  Back in August, I wrote a post talking about budgeting and I mentioned a few of the budgeting options that are out there.  I mentioned YNAB, Mint, Wallet, EveryDollar, and HoneyFi and at the time of writing the post, I was working my way […]

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Healthy & Wealthy

Healthy and Wealthy

It’s no secret that around this time, you know- Christmas, New Year’s, time off from work and school, there is a lot of good and fun things- parties! dinners! friends! shopping! but so much of it can also leave me feeling sort of blah.  Between all of the sweet treats, the endless cheese plates, large dinners, […]

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My Year Two Budget.

SO. 聽I am officially down to 299 Euros in my Spanish bank account. (I wrote this one week ago…I am actually officially down to 53 Euros but who’s counting?) 聽Don’t ask me how it happened because I’ll literally look at my hands like a little kid looks at their hands if you take a toy […]

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