The December Puente


Hello and Happy Tuesday!     I have the day off today due to students having exams, so I have some time to catch up on here!  It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?   Spain has lots of these random holidays throughout the year where schools, banks, government things are closed. Usually it’s for religious […]

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An Amazing Thanksgiving in Madrid


Wow, this year’s Thanksgiving in Madrid was AMAZING!  I had previously written that I was excited since it would be Luis’ first real Thanksgiving, but it was also the first time he really used his new apartment and it could have been the first time that things got badly stained, BUT- I am so happy […]

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Life moves so quickly. Time flies, there’s never enough time in the day. You’re always tired, there is always more to accomplish. AHHHFBFDBBSFBSDBHHB. Like that. But there are also so many good, sweet moment. I want to look back and remember them, so here they are. Had to share this salad.  I mean, LOOK at […]

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4 Days in Mallorca


Spain has so many amazing qualities, but one of it’s best are the abundance of beaches.  I have been so incredibly lucky and have been able to visit a bunch of them and after some thorough research, I can honestly say that Mallorca is my favorite.  Last week, I spent four days in Mallorca and […]

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3 Days in London, Part III

london bridge looks huge

Our last day in London was a full day of everything that we hadn’t done.  So, basically- all of the famous things people go to London to see. Backing up, we first went to Green Park to head over to Buckingham Palace.  Since the changing of the guards was cancelled the day earlier, we still […]

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3 Days in London, Part II


Where were we?  Ah, yes….sleeping ten hours.   The second day in London had a forecast of rain.  100% rain.  All day. FUN!   I actually only took like 3 photos that day, but here is what we did: Breakfast: We wanted to see the changing of the guards ceremony, which happens every other day, […]

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3 Days in London


Top of the day to ya, mate! Do they say that in London?  Not sure!  But I am sure of a few other things.  London is an awesome city.  It’s huge and it’s beautiful and there are so many things to see.   Remember Shannon?  My best friend from college?  She is going back to […]

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Where I’ve Been


Ooops, I took a little unplanned hiatus there, didn’t I?  Besides the Italy posts (and this post), I’ve been pretty MIA.  I’ve been busy, but also not busy, doing fun things, but also not enough to write about.  Sometimes I lose my momentum for this blog, and then other times I have 5 posts waiting […]

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