Grandma Thoughts


I have this theory that Spanish people have (what I LOVINGLY refer to as) grandma thoughts.  As in, they believe in things that….aren’t true, but to them they are true and if you don’t do them (or do do them), you will get sick, go to hell, or die. Or all three.  I call them […]

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Italy: Portofino


After Cinque Terre, we were off to what ended up being the BEST city we visited- Portofino! Portofino is absolutely beautiful, with it’s crystal clear water and bright colored buildings.  Everyone goes gaga for Cinque Terre, but I really thought this little place takes the cake.  In terms of things to do and see, no- […]

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Italy: Vernazza, Cinque Terre


After Lucca, we were off to the city (or should I say, cities) that I was MOST excited for!  Cinque Terre.  You know, the 5 incredibly bright colored cities on the coast of Italy? If you want to read about Cinque Terre and the history, click here. But let’s back up.  After leaving Lucca, we […]

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Italy: Florence (Exploring)


For whatever reason, I was excited to see Florence, but not as excited as I was for some of our other stops.  Of course, I ending up loving it…or loving the things we did there….or a combination!  Then again, I said I loved every city.  But Florence blew me away in it’s size (or apparent size- […]

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Italy: Venice for 1 Day


The second day, we were up before the sun came up to head to Venice!  In one word: Italian Disney World.  Ok, 3 words. VENICE Since Venice is complete tourism (really, I’ve heard its e m p t y at night) and the touristy part is on an island, it is quite expensive to stay […]

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