Italy: Milan for 1 Day


I seriously have no idea where to begin.  How do you recap such an amazing trip in just a few posts, with just a few photos (when you have almost 2,000)?  How do you put into the words the magic of Italy, of every city we visited?  It’s close to impossible, but I’m going to […]

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Checking In VI


Making: this cous-cous salad.  It’s so light for summer, but hefty enough to fill you up. Cooking:  not much, but I have been making corn bread for the last week.  Yogurt-corn bread to be exact.  It’s so easy and so light! Drinking: iced tea.  I make a couple cups of strongly spiced hot tea and then add more […]

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June Weekend.


Hi!  Happy Tuesday, friends!  How is it already June….and even crazier, how is it my last week of work?!  I feel like this year just flew by and with all of my May trips (Israel and the USA), the end came quickly.  Despite still having a few days of work left, the days feel like the […]

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One Day in Galway, Ireland


What a whirlwind the last few days have been!  Last we left off, Shannon and Teresa were here for about a day and a half before we picked up and headed into greener pastures- Ireland!  We had a late afternoon flight, which had us touching down in Dublin at 7 pm before quickly getting on […]

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Shannon and Teresa


You have no idea how happy the last 24 hours have made me!  Two of my very best friends flew across the ocean to come see ME (and ok, maybe to see Europe, too).  Either way, I am so, so, so happy to have Shannon and Teresa here!  They arrived early yesterday morning and we […]

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