Tenerife South for 3.5 Days, Part II


Just checking in?  Here is Part I. We woke up on Saturday morning and started with breakfast and coffee.  As you might imagine, it was a sloooow start for some of us (me).  I actually didn’t have coffee since I couldn’t stomach it.  Once we were somewhat fueled up, we packed our bags and headed […]

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A Day in Segovia


Since I only had plans for the first half of Semana Santa, I really wanted to take advantage of the open days of the second half of the week and do some exploring.  I had never been to Segovia, even though it’s an easy day trip from Madrid, so I dragged Luis and we went […]

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Shannon and Teresa


You have no idea how happy the last 24 hours have made me!  Two of my very best friends flew across the ocean to come see ME (and ok, maybe to see Europe, too).  Either way, I am so, so, so happy to have Shannon and Teresa here!  They arrived early yesterday morning and we […]

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Is Yogurt Dessert?


There are a lot of questions and debate as to why Europeans (or Spaniards?) have a trimmer waist-line than us Americanos.  I have a lot of opinions about this- our portion sizes, what exactly we are eating, when we eat, our attitudes toward eating, etc.  That’s all for another day and another post, but this […]

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Food Lately


I have so many back-logged photos of various meals, and while they are almost all exactly the same, I’m still going to share 🙂 Breakfasts: Lunch and Dinner: Snacks and Merienda:

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Cafes in Madrid: Magasand (9/5/10)


Last Saturday, I was sitting at home, wasting time on my computer while the day was passing me by.  I wasn’t busy and thought “let me text Meghan and see what she’s doing” with a tentative plan to take a nap if she was busy.  As a matter of fact, she had just sat down […]

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Restaurants in Madrid: Dionisos (6/10)


My friend, Annie, and I wanted to try something different for dinner last week.  We had Dionisos on our radar since Greek food always looks good (um, hellllooo feta cheese!), and we were in the market for some lighter fare.  I had high hopes for Dionisos, since the menu was full of a variety of […]

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