Checking In V.


Making: I never know what to put for this.  Making = cooking?  Or making = sewing?  Not sewing anything, but made a big lunch today with my friend, Maeghan! We made herb-crusted salmon // gnocchi with pesto // sliced bread // tomato with olive oil // roasted kale // and wine.  because we are Spanish. Cooking: last […]

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7 Things to Bring on Your Trip to Morocco


Morocco isn’t like the other cities you’ve traveled to in Europe.  There isn’t a corner pharmacy to buy medications, big supermarkets for your favorite foods and drinks, public bathrooms when you need to go, and easy public transportation to help you get around.  There isn’t a big information desk in the airport, and no free […]

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2.5 Days in Tanger, Morocco (Part II)


Just catching up?  Start HERE with part I. Day Two The second day in Tanger, I woke up ready to see and do everything that we didn’t see and do the first day.  Namely, see (and ride?) some camels, and figure out the bus situation for going to Chefchaouen the next day. That shirt felt […]

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29 Blog Questions Survey.


One of my favorite types of blog posts to read are the ones that quench my thirst to be as nosy as possibly into other people’s lives…a.k.a I love posts where I can read about minuscule details of the blogger and their day.  Naturally, when I saw this survey on the Carrots ‘n’ Cake blog, […]

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Enero Fin de Semana en Madrid.


Buenos dias!!   Estoy escribiendo este post el miercoles…mejor tarde que nunca 😉 Me he despertado dos horas antes que tengo que irme para planear dos viajes pendientes pero son super estresantes.  Mejor que escribo aqui y los dejo para mas tarde.  #procrastination #enespanol Este fin de semana pasado ha sido increible…como siempre!  Era lo […]

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How Things Are Going III.


I’m typing this up from my living room/ dining room table, with a hot cup of peppermint tea and a completely empty, eerily quiet house.  My roommates left over the course of yesterday and today, flying back to the U.S to spend the holidays with their families.  I’m excited for the trips I have planned […]

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