What’s in My Bag


As I get ready to head back to Spain, I am packing my tiny suitcase, but as always, my suitcase is going back with me much heavier than it came.  Actually, now that I think about it, I could have brought an almost empty suitcase, just clothes to workout and leggins to sit at home […]

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What is home?


Hello, hello! How we are about half way through January is absolutely beyond me!  It was just November, and then it was Christmas and New Year’s and now it’s almost February!?  What?  Things have been going swimmingly around here, and it feels good to be home.  I am actually writing this from my parent’s kitchen, […]

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Saturday Life.


It’s been so long since I’ve given ya’ll a glimpse into one of my days.  For whatever reason, these are the HARDEST posts for me to write, yet they are my favorite to read on other people’s blogs.  Call me nosy, but I love seeing what normal days look like for other people, so in […]

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Snow Days


Hello!  From the USA and from my first snow day in three years! I surprised my parents last week, which was a last minute decision.  I bought tickets to come home (for various reasons) and then didn’t tell my parents about it.  I flew home, trained to our town, and walked home.  They were in […]

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New Years Intentions 2018


The other day, while out on an absolutely FRIGID walk, I was listening to a podcasts talking about New Years resolutions and intentions.  The podcast talked about the various personality types, according to Gretchin Rubin (writer of The Happiness Project).  She says the types of personalities are: Upholder, Questioner, Rebel, and Obliger, and depending on your […]

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2017 in Review.


Oh 2017, what a year you were!  So many great and unexpected things happened.  It was a year of a lot of love, a lot of growth, new opportunities, fun, adventure, loss, experience, and change.  It was a good year, and looking back helps me see exactly how wonderful it was.  I am confident that […]

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Checking In VIII.


Making: Greek-yogurt bread!  It’s so easy and so good!  Think soft, fluffy bread that’s only made with flour, yogurt, eggs, baking soda, and salt.  I will post a recipe soon! Cooking:  this winter, I have been loving this fall wheat berry salad by Kath Eats.  Super easy to keep in the fridge and pull out for lunch.  […]

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Thanksgiving in Madrid and Being Thankful

pumpkin pie Bruja's Bakery

When you live abroad, people always ask: “but don’t you miss home, don’t you miss your family?”.  And the answer is always the same: do I miss the United States?   Not particularly.  But do I miss the comfort of ‘home’ and the warmth that comes with that word?  yes.  And of course I miss my […]

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Life moves so quickly. Time flies, there’s never enough time in the day. You’re always tired, there is always more to accomplish. AHHHFBFDBBSFBSDBHHB. Like that. But there are also so many good, sweet moment. I want to look back and remember them, so here they are. Had to share this salad.  I mean, LOOK at […]

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