4 Days in Mallorca


Spain has so many amazing qualities, but one of it’s best are the abundance of beaches.  I have been so incredibly lucky and have been able to visit a bunch of them and after some thorough research, I can honestly say that Mallorca is my favorite.  Last week, I spent four days in Mallorca and […]

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Italy: Portofino


After Cinque Terre, we were off to what ended up being the BEST city we visited- Portofino! Portofino is absolutely beautiful, with it’s crystal clear water and bright colored buildings.  Everyone goes gaga for Cinque Terre, but I really thought this little place takes the cake.  In terms of things to do and see, no- […]

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Closing the Chapter


I’m interrupting my normally scheduled programming of obnoxiously slamming you with Italy posts to live blog for a second.   My roommate is running around the apartment, collecting last minute things here and there because she is moving home after being in Madrid for 3 years.  She was in Spain for an additional semester before […]

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How to Plan a Multi-City European Trip


Planning any trip can be overwhelming- so much to organize!  Flights, hotels, trains, buses, AirBnb, rent a car?, restaurants, hitting the major sites, AND MORE.  But that’s one ball game.  Planning a multi-city trip is a whooooole other beast.  It can be totally intimidating, and before doing it myself last summer (to visit Prague, Budapest […]

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7 Signs You’re Back in the USA


Surprise!  I went to the United States, just for a little rejuvenation, relaxation, and some re-charging.  I was there because a good friend was getting married that week, which ended up being the perfect excuse for playing hooky for ten days!  I was there for only ten days, which were ten days full of lots of […]

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Checking In V.


Making: I never know what to put for this.  Making = cooking?  Or making = sewing?  Not sewing anything, but made a big lunch today with my friend, Maeghan! We made herb-crusted salmon // gnocchi with pesto // sliced bread // tomato with olive oil // roasted kale // and wine.  because we are Spanish. Cooking: last […]

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7 Things to Bring on Your Trip to Morocco


Morocco isn’t like the other cities you’ve traveled to in Europe, therefore, knowing what to take to Morocco can be tricky. There isn’t a corner pharmacy to buy medications, big supermarkets for your favorite foods and drinks, public bathrooms when you need to go, and easy public transportation to help you get around.  There isn’t a […]

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