Quick Friday Check-In


Hi friends!!  Happy Friday from SWITZERLAND I´m here for a shorter than usual trip.  Arrived late last night, spent the day wandering around today, then tomorrow we are off to CHAMONIX for the day, and then I´m back to Madrid early Sunday morning.  Spain is going to feel tropical after the cold that they have […]

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Enero Fin de Semana en Madrid.


Buenos dias!!   Estoy escribiendo este post el miercoles…mejor tarde que nunca 😉 Me he despertado dos horas antes que tengo que irme para planear dos viajes pendientes pero son super estresantes.  Mejor que escribo aqui y los dejo para mas tarde.  #procrastination #enespanol Este fin de semana pasado ha sido increible…como siempre!  Era lo […]

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Five Days in Poland: Krakow


Hello, hello!  Here we are, sitting on the other side of yet another incredible trip.  I am totally a broken record, but I might be the luckiest person on this planet to have so many wonderful opportunities to travel.  I have been traveling to places that I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would […]

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A Weekend in Lyon, France: Part II


So, where were we?  OH yeah, talking about food and cheese and wine.  That was basically the theme of day two in Lyon… Obviously, I was happy about that. The day started with breakfast of the oatmeal and coffee variety (bonuses of being in an airbnb vs. hotel) And continued through the city, past the […]

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