4 Days in Mallorca


Spain has so many amazing qualities, but one of it’s best are the abundance of beaches.  I have been so incredibly lucky and have been able to visit a bunch of them and after some thorough research, I can honestly say that Mallorca is my favorite.  Last week, I spent four days in Mallorca and […]

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Italy: Portofino


After Cinque Terre, we were off to what ended up being the BEST city we visited- Portofino! Portofino is absolutely beautiful, with it’s crystal clear water and bright colored buildings.  Everyone goes gaga for Cinque Terre, but I really thought this little place takes the cake.  In terms of things to do and see, no- […]

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Tenerife South for 3.5 Days, Part II


Just checking in?  Here is Part I. We woke up on Saturday morning and started with breakfast and coffee.  As you might imagine, it was a sloooow start for some of us (me).  I actually didn’t have coffee since I couldn’t stomach it.  Once we were somewhat fueled up, we packed our bags and headed […]

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The Best of the Beach.

Happy Monday, dear readers! This weekend was a good one for me- spent some time at the pool… Visiting my Tia Malca (aunt Malca) with my brother, mom, and cousin. After our visit, we stopped for some ice cream that was amazing Toasted coconut ice cream…I died. And then we headed home.  I also saw […]

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Around Town.

Happy Friday! Time is just flyin’ on by here!  I am really trying to soak up my time in the U.S., with my family and everything.  It’s easy to keep thinking about “when I go back to Spain….”, etc., but I keep reminding myself to just be. here. now.  (Happy, Dad???)  Present or not, the […]

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Malaga Viaje Largo 2016


HI! Wow, it has been entirely too long since I have been on here!  I’m actually typing this up from the back deck of my parent’s beach-share house in Ventnor! But today I’m not going to share anything about being home or at the beach (yet…coming soon!), but I’m going to share pictures from my […]

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