Checking In VIII.


Making: Greek-yogurt bread!  It’s so easy and so good!  Think soft, fluffy bread that’s only made with flour, yogurt, eggs, baking soda, and salt.  I will post a recipe soon! Cooking:  this winter, I have been loving this fall wheat berry salad by Kath Eats.  Super easy to keep in the fridge and pull out for lunch.  […]

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Checking In VII


^two of the loves of my life.   Making: iced coffee and a lot of it.  I make a large batch of espresso and leave it in the fridge overnight, then for 2-3 days I have enough.  Small glass, 2 ice cubes, 1/2 glass milk, 1/2 glass espresso.  Give it a stir or wait 5 minutes […]

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Where I’ve Been


Ooops, I took a little unplanned hiatus there, didn’t I?  Besides the Italy posts (and this post), I’ve been pretty MIA.  I’ve been busy, but also not busy, doing fun things, but also not enough to write about.  Sometimes I lose my momentum for this blog, and then other times I have 5 posts waiting […]

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Checking In VI


Making: this cous-cous salad.  It’s so light for summer, but hefty enough to fill you up. Cooking:  not much, but I have been making corn bread for the last week.  Yogurt-corn bread to be exact.  It’s so easy and so light! Drinking: iced tea.  I make a couple cups of strongly spiced hot tea and then add more […]

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Food Lately


I have so many back-logged photos of various meals, and while they are almost all exactly the same, I’m still going to share 🙂 Breakfasts: Lunch and Dinner: Snacks and Merienda:

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Checking In V.


Making: I never know what to put for this.  Making = cooking?  Or making = sewing?  Not sewing anything, but made a big lunch today with my friend, Maeghan! We made herb-crusted salmon // gnocchi with pesto // sliced bread // tomato with olive oil // roasted kale // and wine.  because we are Spanish. Cooking: last […]

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A Little Bit of Lately.


I feel like I have been writing so many “topic” posts, that I haven’t done any “life” posts in quite some time.  A.k.a…pictures that are taking up space on my iPhone…most of which is food.   First up, Luis and I had this really delicious meal at Petit Apertit.  It was our second (my second, […]

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Hey, hey!   Now that summer has quietly made it’s exit, it feels like fall is rolling in quite nicely.  I know it won’t last, since we have a heat wave this weekend, but it is nice to feel the chill in the air and know that cozy sweater weather is on the horizon.  One […]

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Checking In III.

Making: A birdhouse! Cooking:  peach jam, pickles, and banana bread.  We bought approx 3,500 mason jars, so we are filling them with all types of goodies.  I want to cook (make) some chicken/ rice soup next week when the temps drop.  What else?  I made some pretty disgusting flax seed meal crackers with flax seed meal […]

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Checking In II.

Making: memories.  Does that count?  We are at the beach for a week! Cooking: nothing atm.  I have plans to make jam- lots of it!- with dad.  He made some peach jam and blueberry jam and cherry jam and they are so good.  Drinking: pomegranate seltzer!  I have yet to find any milk here that […]

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