What is home?


Hello, hello! How we are about half way through January is absolutely beyond me!  It was just November, and then it was Christmas and New Year’s and now it’s almost February!?  What?  Things have been going swimmingly around here, and it feels good to be home.  I am actually writing this from my parent’s kitchen, […]

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Closing the Chapter


I’m interrupting my normally scheduled programming of obnoxiously slamming you with Italy posts to live blog for a second.   My roommate is running around the apartment, collecting last minute things here and there because she is moving home after being in Madrid for 3 years.  She was in Spain for an additional semester before […]

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A Typical Tuesday!


Hi!  I thought I would show you what my day looked like yesterday (Tuesday), which is quite standard on the auxiliar and teaching front. 7:55 // My alarm goes off, so I hop out of bed and snooze for another 9 minutes of sleep. 8:04 // I get up for real because I am supposed […]

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Checking In V.


Making: pumpkin pie for daaaayyyyyyyyyyyyz.  I decided to start a little business- Bruja’s Bakery (from idea –> business –> closing the business in less than two weeks.  Just for Thanksgiving.  I am selling pumpkin pie, pumpkin-cream cheese rolls, Nutella-stuffed blondies annnnnnd raspberry-oatmeal crumble bars.  And for this week and next week, I feel like I’m drowning […]

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How Things are Going.

Howdy, ya’ll!! I’m typing this up from my bedroom, wearing cozy sweatpants and an over-sized soft sweater with a hot cup of coffee and rain pouring down outside. We have the day off today for the National Day of Spain.  When I asked my students why we had off today, the overwhelming answer was “i have […]

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Hey, hey!   Now that summer has quietly made it’s exit, it feels like fall is rolling in quite nicely.  I know it won’t last, since we have a heat wave this weekend, but it is nice to feel the chill in the air and know that cozy sweater weather is on the horizon.  One […]

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Checking In II.

Making: memories.  Does that count?  We are at the beach for a week! Cooking: nothing atm.  I have plans to make jam- lots of it!- with dad.  He made some peach jam and blueberry jam and cherry jam and they are so good.  Drinking: pomegranate seltzer!  I have yet to find any milk here that […]

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