Hey strangers(s)

*The following was written last week, but I am just getting around to adding photos*

I’m writing this post from the pool where I am subbing and it’s pouring rain so the pool is empty and ah, the stars have aligned, huh?   Anywho, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 7:30 am last night so I feel a little loopy right now. Maybe it was the fact that I drank coffee at 10:00 pm last night or MAYBE- just maybe- the little barista boy put something extra in mi café. Ha. Kidding. Sort of…

For selfish reasons and because I have 600+ photos, I wanted to share our recent vacation to Vancouver. Vancouver? Who goes to Vancouver on a summer vacation???? Hm let’s see.  Crazy people.  Or… People who have unused companion tickets that are about to expire and want to use them to go as far as possible. That’s who!!DSC_0123-001 So that’s what we did. We went from Philadelphia–> Phoenix–>Vancouver–>The Rockies–>Vancouver and back

The first day we got to Vancouver, we ventured out for breakfast (coffee….lots of coffee on this trip!).


And then took the SkyTrain into downtown Vancouver.DSC_0687 Fun fact: the SkyTrain leaves a lot faster than the subway does! Russ and I went to move to the back car and boom, the doors closed and it drove off…with my parents inside. Maybe that was for the better 😉

Once we caught up with them and checked into the hostel (for those interested, we stayed in the St. Clare Hostel in downtown Vancouver. It was inexpensive, but the rooms were HOT hot hot. It served our purposes, but a cooler room with a little more space would have been ideal. Definitely not a bad option for inexpensive Vancouver living, though).

The first day was just spent exploring. My parents went their separate ways while Russ and I did our own thing as well.DSC_0692

He actually bought that.DSC_0774

We walked alllllll over the city, taking in the cool, mountain air and marveling out how beautiful it was.  Right?DSC_0710 DSC_0735 DSC_0740DSC_0755

We also shopped: took pictures, explored, and ate pho….twice. We ventured down to English Bay, where the sun was setting and there were masses of people picnicing, (how do you spell that?), listening to live music, and chatting.IMG_1023IMG_1029 IMG_1039  I have another post already written for day 2/3/4.  Hold on to your hats…it’s coming 😉