West Trek Tours, Day 4 & 5

Just catching up?  Here are days ONE, TWO and THREE of our Vancouver Summer Vacation.

Day 4

Day four, day four.  By day four, a rash that I had had for the entire trip (forgot to mention that previously) was at its worst and I while I felt ok, the itching was getting to me, as well as sitting on the bus!!!  Ugh that bus was going to be the death of me.  Bhuuuuuut, we did some pretty cool things on the fourth day and saw some absolutely gorgeous places, so I think it was more than worth it 😉

We started the day with…

Breakfast from Tim Horton’s on the bus.  Oatmeal and hashbrowns. Yum…or not.  After that fine delicacy settled, we were off to our first stop.

Moraine Lake! IMG_1225

Moraine Lake was, without a doubt, my favorite lake that we saw.  I mean, LOOK AT IT.  It was just as unreal as it looks in that picture, which is #nofilter.  We were supposed to visit this lake the day before, but our group was FOREVER LATE for everything, so we ran out of time and made a quick stop to see it on the fourth day.  I spent more time waiting in line for the fly-infested bathroom than actually seeing the lake, but…c’est la vie!  Also, Russ took an awesome picture and I applied some expert Instagram filters to it:IMG_1256 which he then captioned “your next screensaver”.  Couldn’t be more accurate, could it??

Then they rounded us up like cattle, BACK ONTO THE BUS!!! We were off to our second stop, the crazy people stop.  The stop where we Polar Plunged into Bow Lake & Peyton Lake (I’m not sure which one it was) but I DO KNOW that it was 4* and I think I lost brain cells while doing it.

Polar Plunge DSC_0155-001It just looks like ice water, doesn’t it?DSC_0164-001All of us should be institutionalized for this.

A moment later, we held hands and then we were off!  We all dove in and after making the conscious decision that I need to get out of this water before my heart stops beating, I was back out and running towards my hoodie.DSC_0172-001I’m not really sure where I am in the above photo.  Presumably drowning.DSC_0179-001

Don’t let that smile fool you.  I think I was in shock. haha…DSC_0184-001Don’t we all look like we were having fun???DSC_0191-001

So much fun, really.

We quickly changed and then…you guessed it….back on the bus!

Athabasca FallsDSC_0276-001

Where we took lots of mature, adult pictures.IMG_1338 IMG_1344

I’m not sure which day we did this, but we were given the opportunity to do the “Snocoach Glacier Experience” which is basically a bus that drives you out onto a “REAL LIVE GLACIER!!!!” and then you get to walk around on it and ruin the Earth and speed up the ever-melting glacier.  Kidding!  But really, that’s what you get to do.  We decided not to do that, the tree-huggers that we are (hahahahahah) and instead, walked to the glacier.  We couldn’t get on it, but we got close.  It was pretty cool and I was all smiles since we didn’t have to sit on a…on a…BUS.

Glacier WalkDSC_0218-001 DSC_0221-001


We made a quick stop in Jasper, which is a really cute ski town with lots of shops.  I took full advantage of their pharmacy and got some Benadryl and steroid cream for whatever rash was taking over my entire body.

We wanted to get a big group picture with our new friends.DSC_0254-001Kind of?DSC_0255-001Nailed it.

And then a big group shot that took way more coordinating than you’d think!  The sun, the shadows, etc, etc.canada canada1

We were trying to howl in that second one since we were “a wolf pack”.  Russ is my favorite in the picture!

Mt. Robson

The last place (I think!!) that we stopped to see was Mt. Robson.  Apparently we were super lucky to have amazing weather because we were able to see Mt. Robson which is the biggest mountain in….Canada?  Possibly?  I was asleep during this lesson so don’t quote me.DSC_0268-001

Day 5

The last day with West Trek was spent on the bus and at the mall.  I was itchy and hot and drowsy from the Benadryl.  And tons and tons of fun!  Just ask Russ 😉  But we did get to see Spahats Falls, which were HUGE and wild.

Spahats FallsDSC_0239-001 DSC_0246-001 IMG_1260

I could show you a picture of the mall…or the Poutine that my dad and I shared…or my rash that was at it’s worst point and I slathered steroid cream all over it in the bathroom…or…I just won’t show you.  I’ll spare you.

That night, when we were back in Vancouver, we had dinner in Gastown, which looks oddly like West Chester, or any other little college town.  I liked it and I liked the food 🙂DSC_0312-001 DSC_0325-001

So that’s it for the West Trek trip!  I may come back and add a few more photos to these posts, for my own enjoyment, but for the most part…that’s the jist of it.  The tour with West Trek was amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a lot of things in a short amount of time.