Day 6: Miramar, Hotel Nacional, y Caminando

Day Six:  Miramar , Hotel Nacional Y Caminando

Our sixth day in Cuba was a little different than any other time we have been to Cuba.  My mom wanted to check out a new place, so we headed to Miramar, which is known for grand houses, embassies and hotels.  We had to walk a bit to catch a different bus, and then had about an hour bus ride.


We saw a market on the way, with fresh sugar cane juice:DSC_0820

And while we waited for the bus, a man was selling goods on the street.  DSC_0825

Don’t take those local drug stores for granted!

Once we got there, we walked into the closest hotel to use the bathroom and ask for directions.DSC_0852

The hotel was quite nice, especially the pool!  I could spend a day there with an abundance of cervezas, no problem!DSC_0827

And then we walked around and marveled at the buildings, most of which are currently being used as embassies.DSC_0833 DSC_0830 DSC_0832And on the walk back, we passed the aquarium.  How cool is that?!  You can see the tortoises from the bridge.


Our walk back to the bus stop had a beautiful view, but the trash was abundant.  They need a strong clean-up initiative.DSC_0841 DSC_0844

Back in Vedado, we stopped for pizza and una cerveza.  Yolanda warned us that when eating pizza, be careful with the cheese.  There isn’t much cheese or dairy product in Cuba, so you never know what imaginative alternative you are munching on.DSC_0858I mean….it tasted like cheese?

After pizza, we headed to El Hotel Nacional to soak up the sun and have another cerveza with the most incredible view.  This hotel is absolutely incredible and, in my opinion, the most beautiful one I’ve seen in Cuba.DSC_0862

We couldn’t leave without getting a couple pictures and I, of course, attempted the selfie with the DSLR.  Not that easy!DSC_0869 DSC_0866

Oh, and as you can see- I got SUPER burned sitting out there for an hour.  We aren’t sure how that happened!  It peeled about a week later, ick.

Later that night, we packed for a beach trip!  Coming up 🙂