Paris (II)


The third day in Paris was all about FOOD.  And walking.  But mostly walking to go find more FOOOOOOD.

Well, before all the food, we walked through an outdoor market with veggies!  and fruits!  and flowers!  and fresh fish!  and crepes!  and baked good!  and cheeses!  and prepared foods! DSC_0877 DSC_0885 DSC_0890 This market was totally up my alley.

Then for the first mission of the day: falafel!IMG_3027 This falafel and shawarma came from Rue de Rosiers, which is the center of the Jewish quarter.   This street is hoppin’ with falafel joints, upscale shopping boutiques, and hoards of people waiting to get the best falafel in Paris (in Europe??)

L’as Du Fallafel is the most popular place on the street, with the line almost 45 minutes out the door (for just getting it from the window).  There was also an option to eat inside, but if you wait outside, you can pay the falafel dealers (like drug dealers) and then go to the window and specify what you want and watch these guys throw all of the ingredients into the pita in a matter of seconds.

DSC_0900 DSC_0905 DSC_0910

Look at that smile!  #fatkidproblems.  Both the falafel and shawarma were packed with fresh veggies, tomatoes, hot falafel and meat, and sauteed eggplant and then drenched in tahini.  So good…and literally sat in my stomach like a rock for the entire day.

After falafel, we walked and walked and walked.

First, the Royal Palace.  We didn’t go inside, but sat in the garden and soaked up the sun…DSC_0931 DSC_0934

Then continued to the Opera House (again)DSC_0943

And Montmartre (again)DSC_0949

Around 8:00, we met Elsa for a traditional French dinner! (we were almost late since we didn’t realize there was a time change!  Haha) It was so nice of her to offer to join us and explain the menu to us and make sure we left full and happy (and we did!).  The night was a lot of fun and the food was so, so good.  All of it!  The main courses, the cheese plate…IMG_3019

The dessert…IMG_3022

The wine…

We tried to walk off some of what we ate and headed to the Moulin Rouge for a little fun 😉DSC_0961

Kidding…we just walked down the street full of sex shops and shows and clubs and theaters!!  DSC_0962

And then to bed!  Two more days to go….