London (III)


Our last day in London was a full day of everything that we hadn’t done.  So, basically- all of the famous things people go to London to see.DSC_0202-001

Backing up, we first went to Green Park to head over to Buckingham Palace.  Since the changing of the guards was cancelled the day earlier, we still wanted to see the Royal Palace!Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace

From Buckingham Palace, we walked through the park, until we saw Big Ben!  Who was actually much smaller than I imagined.  Little Ben.DSC_0090 DSC_0092

Nonetheless, it was incredible to see the details in each of those buildings, something I had seen and learned about for many years.  I finally saw it in person!Big ben and girl big ben

We saw the incredible parliament buildings, as well as The London Eye.  I was amazed at how slowly it moves!  I imagined it would move the speed of any other ferris wheel.DSC_0107

After noon, the sun started to peak out, which was so nice!  We checked how far of a walk Soho was from there, and decided to head back over there and see it when it’s not raining.DSC_0109

We walked all the way to Piccadilly Circus and then over to Soho and oh my gosh, I think I fell in love.DSC_0123

The energy, the food, the people, the small streets, the cafes, the grand buildings.  Pure magic.street fest soho london street fest soho london food soho london

We walked all through Soho, taking in the sights and sounds and smells.  We found the cutest little street and right at the end of it, the best little coffee shop with homemade scones AND JAM WITH CLOTTED CREAM.  I can die happy.  It’s all I wanted…and now I want more 😉scones with jam and clotted cream girl with scones and cream

I went to heaven then and there.  After that, we walked a bit more, stopping to listen to this incredible street performer.  So talented!DSC_0149

We jumped on the metro and rode a couple stops over to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Holy moly, it was huge.  We didn’t go inside, but the outside was impressive pauls cathedral london st. pauls cathedral london

We walked another 20 minutes over to the Tower of London where we sat in the sun and then walked around the property.girl and tower of london tower of london

What a sight!  But to me, the cherry on top where these views of Tower Bridge!girl on tower bridge london girl on tower bridge london

We crossed the bridge, with the rest of the world, and walked along the water.  That sky!  That water!  The warmth of the sun!  Perfect.girl at Tower Bridge two girls tower bridge

They have this really cool area along the water, full of seats and tables for eating and drinking and meeting friends.  It actually reminded me of Philly.DSC_0214-001 DSC_0216-001

We walked through London Bridge area, stopped for dinner, and headed back home.  We tried to rally and go get a drink, but it wasn’t happening.  Traveling does that to ya!  The next day, we had breakfast together and then Shannon was off to the airport and I took one final stroll (with my suitcase…) through Soho, into a coffee shop, and off to the bus station and the airport (where I had a 3 hour delay, which was lovely).  I got home EXHAUSTED at almost 3 am, but I have had some time to re-energize and now I am soooo looking forward to MALLORCA!