Cadiz (for Carnaval)

More appropriately titled:  Carnaval in Cadiz, Take Two, because you accidentally deleted your entire blog and take one went down the drain.  BUT, for SEO purposes…let’s leave what you see up there!


Carnaval is basically a HUGE party, with thousands of people filling the streets in crazy costumes while they drink the day and night away, and maybe watch a parade or a concert or two.IMG_2215

We went with a company on an organized trip to Cadiz.  I was excited to see Caranval in one of the best places in Spain to see it, but I was a little disappointed to find out we were there on a day when there wasn’t much to SEE.IMG_2240

We did see a concert, which I really liked.  And the all day partying was good, as well.IMG_2233

I also got my fill for…ever… of men dressed as women.  And terrorists.  The terrorist costume was super super popular.  One group actually threw a fake bomb (that still created a loud noise and smoke) and it scared me half to death.  I’m still recovering haha.


More pictures from that day…IMG_2213 IMG_2212 IMG_2220

Carnaval was good, but what was even better was the BEAAAAAACH!DSC_0455

It wasn’t warm, but it was so amazing to walk in the sand and breath in the salty air.  I am so, so, so ready for summer!  Can you tell?DSC_0462 DSC_0466 DSC_0470-001 DSC_0472

I’m glad I did Carnaval in Cadiz, but I want to go back and do it again…on a day when there is more to see and experience.  If nothing else, it was a fun weekend at the beach with some new friends 🙂DSC_0477

How’s that for a replacement post?