How did I get so lucky?!

Last weekend, I went to- what may have been- the nicest beach of my life (and I have been to some pretty nice beaches).  Everyone says that Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza are all MUST-SEE islands…and now I know why.DSC_0294 RIGHT???

The weekend started after I took my Spanish Nationality exam on Thursday afternoon and then I immediately headed to the airport for a beach weekend!  I wasn´t even worried about the exam.  I was only worried about getting finished and getting to the beach.  You know….#priorities.  The flight went smoothly, but renting the car took quite awhile…and ended up being a weeeeeee bit more expensive than anticipated.  Welp, things happen and it doesn´t really matter in the scheme of things.  We eventually arrived to a (very clean) AirBnB, went to sleep quickly, and woke up to THIS:DSC_0122A little bit overcast on the first day, but it cleared up.

After hunting and gathering some breakfast (seriosuly, I hiked down the mountain to find a supermarket!  A real pioneer, I am), we headed out to find some ugly landscapes to sit in front of.DSC_0141

Success.  😉

The water was completely clear and clean (and cold), but I still swam out and back a couple times, unlike other people…but I won´t mention any names. Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure since you are inevitably reading this from your cubicle, in your tempature controlled office with the windows closed.DSC_0132 DSC_0129 DSC_0145 DSC_0155

After hanging out there for awhile, we packed up to get some lunch and then go find another beach!

I wouldn´t call what we found “a beach”, but it was pretty and serene and I decided I want one of those big fancy mansions that sit up on the hill with this view:DSC_0161What do you say, DAD?  Hehe

Next, we stopped for some energy and a walk…DSC_0173DSC_0170

To finish off the night, we drove to Soller (a small town) to walk around and have dinner…DSC_0175 DSC_0178DSC_0187DSC_0188DSC_0192

Soller seemed like a nice town, but unfortunately, everything was pretty much closed while we were there.  I hear there are some really nice hikes around there, though.  At least dinner was good!  DSC_0196

And that finishes day ONE!  It was a long day, but so, so, so great 🙂  I think I should split this up into two more posts, so more to come!

Here´s a preview…DSC_0232