Vevey and Montreux

This weekend was so great! I went to Switzerland again #casual.  I left Thursday night after running around all day. Bought myself a new pair of jeans that are like skin, nice and tight πŸ™‚

Then I was off to the airport for a half empty evening flight to Geneva!

Friday was quite productive.  I woke up to some modern art in the kitchen:img_8210

The did some food shopping and cooking:img_8214

Spinach and feta empanada


Half-eaten rosemary chicken, potatoes and carrots with rice


30-minute garlic-lemon-Parmesan pasta.

I went for a run for 30 minutes, nice and slow along this turqouise river.img_8223

And then off to Starbucks I went to use their wifi and their wifi didn’t work.  At all. Which I learned after buying a 5€ black coffee. SMH.  But I still got a lot done without internet and then headed home when luis was done work πŸ™‚ we (I) made a quick vegetable curry and then we had a mixed dinner.

Saturday we went for an adventure!!dsc_0010

We hopped on a train for 50 minutes and headed to Vevey.dsc_0001 

We wanted to do a day trip to another town in Switerland or to nearby France, but considering ease of getting there, we chose two towns in Switzerland.

First stop, Vevey!dsc_0136

It’s a small, lakeside town but I loved it! So quaint and quiet.

Before you do anything productive, or make any big, life decisions, you should go straight to Manor supermarket and have coffee and big, fresh sandwiches.dsc_0014 dsc_0022 dsc_0020 dsc_0015

When you’re properly fueled and caffinated, you can start exploring. 

Oh my gosh- Vevey was quiet! Like Disney world after hours.  Look at this, no one around!dsc_0110

Things to do in Vevey, Switzerland in a half-day:

  • Go to the Farmer’s Marketfarmers-marketpicmonkey-collage
  • Walk along the lake and look at the spooky goblin treesdsc_0141img_8263
  • Take pictures of yourselves since there is not a soul in site who can take a picture of both of you.  goblinpicmonkey-collage lakepicmonkey-collage
  • See the big fork in front of the food museum (this is famous?!)dsc_0156 dsc_0157
  • Go into the food museum and sit in their cafe with or without a coffee while you browse their cookbooks (Food Museum= Alimentarium)dsc_0161 dsc_0164 dsc_0163
  • Walk along the winding cobble stone streets with colorful buildings and take a lot of pictures.dsc_0091 dsc_0095 dsc_0079img_8255dsc_0179
  • Find an outdoor Christmas market that is doubling as a 50 year old’s birthday party and pet the animals in their petting zoo!!! (Side note: I 100% want donkeys and sheep at my 50th birthday party.  Part planners: take note!)dsc_0068 img_8271
  • Eat a burrito full of quinoa and chicken and avocado and then add really spicy hot sauce and watch the other person squirm.dsc_0169 dsc_0171 dsc_0180

Then we took a quick 5 minute train from Vevey to Montreux where we spent the rest of the afternoon.dsc_0221dsc_0190dsc_0201 dsc_0211

Things to do for a Half-Day in Montreux, Switzerland

  • Take the 201 bus for q quick 10 minutes to see the castle on the water. The castle was built on the water!dsc_0234 dsc_0248dsc_0258
  • Take photos at this castledsc_0245 dsc_0233 dsc_0255
  • Take the 201 back to town and go to the AMAZING Christmas marketdsc_0286
  • Drink hot wine and stand by the firedsc_0298
  • Eat raclette (hot, melted cheese served with boiled potatoes, pickles and pickled onions…. so good).dsc_0296
  • But eat it inside, toasty and warm, with a nice viewdsc_0293 dsc_0294
  • Eat baguette filled with melted cheese (do it for me! Because I wanted to! And didn’t.  This will probably be a big lifelong regret)
  • Ride the train an hour back to Geneva and feel so grateful for what you have and who is sitting next to you.dsc_0318

When we got back to Geneva, we had yogurt for dinner since we had filled up on grocery store sandwiches. We were pooped.

Sunday was easy breezy, just like I like it.  We started with breakfast, then Luis read while I worked on a restaurant review for a Madrid blog and then we went for a 50 minute-20 minute run. Meaning, we intended to run 20 minutes and ran 48 minutes.  But we ran to the “beach” which I imagine would be AMAZING in the summer.  Right now, they have a seaside fondue restaurant where I hope to fulfill all of my melted cheesy dreams (those dreams include wine and bread).  One day.

Then it was back to the airport for a 1.5 hour flight to Madrid surrounded by the loudest, most annoying people on the entire planet.  The end.dsc_0071

Wonderful weekend, as they all are. Xox