Here you will find all posts related to enjoying Madrid, from restaurants, to bars and cafes.  As I visit new places, I will update this page with the best places to eat and drink in Madrid.  Some of my favorite places have been spots that I never expected to love, so I am hoping that by sharing them here, you will find some awesome places to eat and drink in Madrid.


Amargoamargo Collage

Bar Galleta


Bar TomateBT PicMonkey Collage

Bosco de Lobobdl

El Columpioelcolumpiopicmonkey-collage

Federal (for brunch) (10/10)cafe federal

GinosGinos Collage

La BrutaBruta PicMonkey Collage

Lady MadonnaLM Collage

Lamucca [de Prado]la-muccapicmonkey-collage

Mama Campo


OjalaOjala Collage

El Patio del FisgonPatio PicMonkey Collage

PerrachicaPC Collage

Taxi a Manhattantam collage


El Buo (10/10)El buoPicMonkey Collage