La Bicicleta Cafe (9.5/10)

La Bicicleta Cycling Cafe and WorkplacebicicletaPicMonkey Collage

  • Address:  Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9, 28004 Madrid
  • Atmosphere:  bright (during the day), earthy with a lot of wood, brick, etc.  Busy and lively when it’s full of people.  There are smaller tables and sofas to have a drink with friends and large work spaces for people using their computers.  Also, this place is totally hipster.
  • Type of place:  They are a great cafe during the day, since there is strong wifi and big work tables.  At night, it’s always full of people having drinks with plenty of seating.  There are also small sandwiches and pastries for when the munchies strike!
  • What I ordered:  I’ve been there for coffee during the day and beers at night.  Can’t really go wrong, but there coffees are a little pricey (IMO).
  • Tip:  if you want a quiet work space, this is not the place.  If you want a place to get some things done or meet a friend, this cafe is great.

Rating:  9/10 overall