Los Chuchis Bar (9/10)

Los Chuchis is a bar that has been on my radar for some time since it’s right in my hood!  I walk past there on my way home from school and it’s always packed with eager customers and the food looks awesome.  I have always loved their bright colors and clean appearance compared to the other places in my neighborhood.  Last weekend, I finally got the chance to try it and I loved it!  I was there for drinks and tapas (at night), but I know it is very, very popular for menu del dia or a sit-down meal.  Make a reservation, since it’s not very big!

Los Chuchis Bar loschuchisPicMonkey Collage

  • Address:  Calle del Amparo, 82, 28012 Madrid 
  • Atmosphere:  bright, clean, loud, fun, small.  Lots of energy.
  • Type of place:  It’s a great place for menu del dia lunch, tapas and drinks, meeting friends, etc.  The owners are from the UK (I think) and have a really great menu full of traditional tapas that also feel “fancy” and “different”.  The food was creative and delicious…so…a win-win!
  • What I ordered: Two friends and I shared the Camenbert al horno con ajos asados and after I left they had the bolitas del salmon, patata y eneldo, which looked awesome.  I can’t speak for the salmon, but the cheese was SO GOOD and we had no problem polishing off lots of bread, spread with creamy roasted garlic,  and drippy rosemary camenbert.  We also had wine, of course.  Personally, I think the plates are slightly over-priced (the cheese, for example, was 13.50 Euros).
  • Tip:  MAKE A RESERVATION if you plan to have a proper meal.  Even if you want drinks and tapas at the bar, get there early!  (think 8:30/ 9:00) because it really fills up!

Rating:  10/10 for atmosphere, 8/10 for menu because it’s $$$.wine1 loschu1 loschu2