La Bruta (9.5/10)

La BrutaBruta PicMonkey Collage

  • Address: Calle del Pez, 11, 28004 Madrid
  • Atmosphere:  Young, modern, dark lighting, open front.  We have been there in the past (trying to get a table with no reservation….no bueno), and it has been completely full and HOT, but this time it was completely fine).
  • Type of food:  They have a short food menu (which I like!  Less decision making!) and a lot of drinks.  The food is “modern” since it has recognizable things (hummus, risotto, pastas, burgers, etc), but more up-scale and “with a twist”.  Makes no sense, I know.  The top half of the menu is offered in 1/2 racion size or full, which is nice.
  • What we ordered:  We shared everything- a 1/2 racion of beet hummus, which came with pita and veggies.  1/2 racion of patatas bravas (which claimed to be “muy bravas” (spicy), but were not), and an entree of lamb meatballs over mashed potatoes with some sort of mushroom gravy and fried mint leaves.  Both 1/2 racions were very good, but I thought the hummus was overpriced for it´s size.  The potatoes were also great and a decent portion, since they´re carbs.  I loved the meatballs- highly recommended.  We also ordered 2 beers and it came with (good) bread.
  • Tips: Order the meatballs.  Make a reservation!!  It´s impossible to get a walk-in table on the weekend.
  • Would I recommend it?:  Yes.
  • Would I go back?:  Definitely.

Rating:  10/10 for atomosphere and 9.5/10 for food…always room for improvement 🙂