Mama Campo (9.5/10)

This restaurant wasn´t on my radar, but I ended up here and I´m glad I did!  The food was good, the restaurant wasn´t too big or too small, and I enjoyed myself.  They also have a ¨cantina¨and ¨tienda¨, but I didn´t see either.

Mama CampoRestaurante-en-Madrid-LlorensDurán

  • Address: Calle de Trafalgar, 22, 28010 Madrid
  • Atmosphere: Clean, bright, open
  • Type of food:  This is hard to answer since their menu is not online, but they have a variety of foods!  The items were ¨different¨or ¨creative¨, but everything sounded great.  The menu is not especially long, which I liked.
  • What I ordered:  Their menu is not posted online (I know…what is this? 1980?), but I tried two things.  The first was a cream-potato-mushroom SOMETHING that was really, really tasty.  it was almost like a creamy mushroom soup that was perfect for dipping bread.  The other dish was lamb, which came with a bit of hummus.  Emphasis on the ¨bit¨.  I am usually not a lamb person (just because it is not a common meat and is sometimes gamey), but this was really good!  Tasted like beef to me and these days, I love beef.

Rating:  10/10 for atmoshphere and 9/10 for food!  Would recommend it if you´re looking for something a bit different!