Ocafu (9/10)

Ocafu is a traditional Galician restaurant in Madrid, and there are 5 locations spread across the city.  This restaurant was recommended by a friend for their tortilla and simple, Spanish cuisine.  Since it’s Galician, the food is mostly seafood and meat, but freshly prepared and high quality.  We went on a Saturday night to their Valazquez location and a reservation is absolutely necessary for a weekend.

OcafuOcafu review Madrid

  • Address: Calle de Velázquez, 96, 28006 Madrid
  • Atmosphere:  Speaking of the Velazquez location, it is upscale, clean, has linen tableclothes, and has modern touches, like warm lighting, bright tiles, and pretty lamps.
  • Type of Food:  Traditional Galician, which means lots of seafood, beef and potatoes, tortilla, salads, and empanada.  See the menu HERE.
  • What I ordered:  We shared their small tortilla (shown above) and their ternera (beef) with potatoes.  We each had a glass of red wine.  The bill was 38€ (they charge 2.00€ per person for cubiertos).  We loved both things we tried, but agreed it is a pricey restaurant.  We thought the portions were perfect.
  • Recommendation:  Make a reservation.  Also, this would be a great place to come with parents, or for a very Spanish lunch.

Rating: 10/10 for food, 10/10 for atmosphere, 9/10 for price (a little pricey IMO).  Would I go back?  YES!